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At the moment the only method of spiritual and intellectual development of man and abilities at all, who really gives a precise predictable result, it is auditing. The word means the auditing activities consists in the fact that specially trained people – auditor, listens and gives the team. Auditor – one who listens, the listener. […]

' Not only each part of the world makes each time more part of the world, but the world while world is each more present time in each one of its parts. This if not only verifies for the nations and peoples, but also for the individuals. In the same way that each point of […]

Thanks to Marketing, Tu, as personal brand, you can find and take advantage of the opportunities offered by the market. For me the opportunity occurs when I (personal branding) can satisfy a need that has a group of customers and which is currently unmet. In the event you’re Manager, Executive or middle management, the opportunity […]

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