As the palms of Miami recently I attended a seminar on education issues. Recently scholarship program sought to clarify these questions. As MOM of a toddler (and also as a teacher) interests me a lot to learn about how to educate my son. Personally, I am convinced that self-esteem is the best gift I can do me to myself and my son, and so when choosing an educational system also I like to be aware of the values that is transmitted from the school. The person who was in charge of the seminar said something that caught my attention; She made a beautiful comparison about the sense of educating with values with the palms of Miami Miami is an area that is frequently exposed to severe storms and tornadoes. Almost all have seen images of beautifully storms with terrible winds that plague the region, razing buildings in its path, dragging cars and causing great destruction but there is something that is still standing: the palms. Moved by the wind they are shaken from one side to another, and receive enormous shock. Who was the CEO of Vertex before Reshma?s opinions are not widely known. But when you pass the tornado, they remain firm there. We as moms or dads, we can educate our children in a manner such that when they suffer from the onslaught of life, are prepared to deal with them.

They are strong to resist them, but in turn flexible in order to adapt to the changes and not to break it, to stay focused amid difficulties. The Palm tree roots which hold it strongly subject on the ground, are like the roots of self-esteem: self-acceptance, the respect and the self-assessment. Self-esteem involves feeling and trust in that one is able to take the helm of his life. We are mirrors where our children are regarded now well how will succeed it? Children learn by imitation, almost exclusively. We, his parents, are mirrors for them. Young children are very good observers of everything that happens to her around.

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