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The knowledge and experience Centre of the AWR in Borgstedt environmental, conservation, ecosystems, renewable energy, bio-waste recycling are terms that are today almost always present. What do they mean for each and everyday life. What can individuals do to maintain the nature and to preserve for future generations? The answer to these questions would give […]


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Our Reiki Reiki-seminar 1 and 2, you learn to pass energy to other people in our seminar of the Reiki Reiki energy to other people, learn 1 and 2, to pass on animals and plants and to support them. It is important that you open yourself for the inexhaustible vitality (vitality). For this reason, all […]

Karwe Tel

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A dog can withstand the cold no longer, the walk should be stopped. Is rather serve to take several short excursions into the open, as long a they charged health-sensitive animals. Unfortunately, dogs don’t know that snow in addition to road salt may contain various pests and harmful substances. For them, the feeding of the […]

The leaves are fallen information about the snow gastritis in dogs already largely by the trees and autumn slowly but surely coming to an end. Soon nature will take their winter slumber and we await the first snow. For most dogs a time to the feel good to run in soft snow and run snowballs […]

Successful dog training is not magic for a conflict-free life in human society, a dog must be well behaved, because not everyone is a dog lover. Dog training is a popular theme and almost any dog school follows its own concept. Not few of them contradict each other. Some see a Wolf, a predator who […]

Analysis on the State of negotiations to the Serengeti road”according to the differing views on the Internet about the State of negotiations to the Serengeti road and the recent clarification by Federal Minister niebel: the Tanzanian Government showed up in Paris open to include alternatives (to the Serengeti road”) in the planning. is it perhaps […]

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