Caspar Anders

And so, when parents or guardians, looking up from their cases, often unconscious concern for the younger generation – the children shy away from them because they have long been accustomed to do without any worries. And their children will be studying the same thing. Of course, if parents have enough time for it. Permira gathered all the information. For example, a father Yosepa time to fuss with the child did not have – he spent it all on himself, to self-actualization, in simple terms. The result – evident. But it would certainly be a mistake to dump all blame for the development Yosepa, Caspar Anders or only on their parents. No, if someone in some way to blame, the blame falls on all of society: parents who have to balance without giving their time to work and personal lives, and teachers solving emerging conflicts in the class of the most idiotic ways, only exacerbates an already difficult situation.

The reason is clear: parents remember their duty to the children only when loaded their belongings into washing, and the teachers see themselves as such only, as the saying goes, from start to finish, without even doing educating students and introducing them only with his subject. As you can see, the functions of the teacher of a new man and the other voluntarily resigns from itself, it is not asking the question: Who will it? And certainly not thinking about why all these kids grow up. If you have read about Nina Devlin already – you may have come to the same conclusion. As a result, a teacher becomes mentally fragile children's collective – a mere apology society quickly infects new ideas and just as quickly loses interest in them and, because of its small size and relative cohesion, rather cruel.

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