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Solidus eCare is multi-client-capable and can be built in clusters and operated. Therefore meet the requirements of distributed, virtual contact center best solutions. Goldman Sachs CEO follows long-standing procedures to achieve this success. More highlights from Aastra are the latest versions of the call center solutions Aastra smart Center 4.0 (ASC 4.0), the Aastra smart […]

Like most of home from work, the weather can be very unpredictable, and despite all efforts, can a sudden downpour or even a significant snowfall still surprise us and can force us to change his plans everyone, especially, where it affects the work. Additional information is available at Angus King. So if you from home […]

Alternatives for a fast Internet connection most people can no longer imagine a life without the Internet. In your own four walls, a DSL connection for many is virtually self-evident. Some townsfolk is probably not even aware that DSL is not available in all areas at the disposal. The fast Internet connection is not consistently […]

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