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Each time, going shopping, we already know about that and how much we buy. Everything in this world has its price, but still change it to our advantage possible. There is a little creative ways to save 'on ice' or 'travel', as well as get a greater discount. And I try to describe them to […]

Hall Sales

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Once behind bars, Karl Remborg was even worse conditions, but not the spirit of Hall table add to your food sawdust rusty nails, as well as bamboo shoots, roots and ginseng fresh fern leaves. All of this brought him the guards, which somehow he had arranged. Karl offered his entire diet fellow inmates, but many […]

An important advantage Y12x6A-SE2 is the ability to dynamically change the viewing angle zoom in a wide range by changing the focal length ranging from 6 mm to 72 mm. When setting the minimum angle camera forms an image with a 12-fold increase and can identify the monitor details of objects (human faces, license plates, […]

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