Advantages Analysis

The new vertical ultrafine mill is new type of grinding mill, which is designed on the basis of structural transformation of the relevant equipment and absorption of foreign advanced technology. This machine makes use of the grinding roller with rotation and pressure to roll the material (0 – 15 mm) on the rotating millstone to achieve the corresponding fineness (325-6000 mesh). Unlike tu Raymond mill ball mill, the technology of this machine is mainly embodied in the full contact among grinding roller, millstone and the materials and the classification accuracy of the grading system. It can be used to the grinding of the ultrafine powder in the field of mineral processing, metallurgy, electric power, chemical, refractory non-metallic (as calcium carbonate) and so on. It is favored by the relevant industries with its superior performance. The following is the detailed analysis of its performance advantages.(1) The product quality is stable. The residence time of the material in the ultrafine mill is short, which makes it easy to detect and control the product particle size and chemical composition.

It is equipped with a high-precision classifier to make product classification from 325 mesh to 6000 mesh. The classification accuracy is high, cutting grain is required and the product quality is stable.(2) The construction cost is low. The area that this grinding system can be reached at decrease of about 50% when compared with ball mill system. And the construction costs can be reduced by approximate70% because of the combination of crushing, grinding, grading conveyor in one simple system.(3) Easy maintenance. Turning the rotating arm by overhauling the hydro-cylinder.

And the roller sleeve and the liner can be replaced in a very short period of time.(4) Energy saving and environmental protection. Small vibration, low noise. The entire system use negative or positive pressure operation (according to customers demand). There is no dust pollution, achieving the requirements of national environmental protection.(5) The running cost is low. High grinding efficiency, low power consumption. About 40-50% reduction in power consumption can be reached. Grinding roller and millstone are made of special wear-resistant castings and world-class surfacing technology is adopted. The service life is longer (more than six years), which reduces metal contamination of the product and operating costs.

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