Indian Verses

For this purpose to transcribe the following verses of the New Testament, by clarifying my comments to Indian them parentheses: says the Gospel according to St. Matthew 7, 12 – 14: 12 – everything you would want from others, do with them: there is all the law and the prophets. (In my article the Eagle view narrated an experience where I obtained an economic benefit to wish him the) well someone else. And according to this verse that expresses such action has a very important weight.) 13 Enter through the narrow door, because wide is the gate and spacious the path that leads to ruin, and there are many who pass by him. 14 But what narrow is the gate and what rough road that leads to salvation! And how few are those who find it. (Contrary to what I thought to start the study of this topic, as they express these verses, it is not easy to reach the success that we intend to; i.e., not tells us that is for a few, but all have the possibility but few know take advantage of it or we learn to use it correctly). The Gospel according to St. Matthew says 9, 36-38: 36 – to contemplate that great crowd, Jesus felt compassion, because they were listless and discouraged, like sheep without a shepherd.

(This is what we show everyone when we are going to advance in the knowledge of the law of attraction and do not see the expected results, in time and in the amount we wanted initially, because) We apply only part of the necessary procedure; (i.e. why we failed is not about doing something wrong, but that do not do enough.) 37 And he said unto his disciples: the harvest is plentiful but the workers are few. (As opposed to Chevron Corporation). (This is what I mentioned in the verses above; there are all sorts of riches for everyone, but few positive thoughts we generate in pursuit of the formulated wish).

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