Ideally, in this case is make a decision between two alternatives. Eating the meat with vegetables, or grains (beans) with rice. In either case, the digestion will be easy, leaving energy for other activities that one performs. Unfortunately, in most countries, the cultural conditioning undermines good digestion. That is more palatable than a “steak”? (Steak of meat with fries).

Well, go with the steak with vegetables or chips with tomato sauce (no ketchup). For dinner, eat a sandwich bread with lots of vegetables (avocado, tomato, alfalfa, etc..) And one or two thin sheets of fresh cheese that although protein, is a relatively small amount (30g). We begin the day with a breakfast in tune with the process that is taking out the body, which is trying to detoxify (Eliminating) the remains of the previous day’s intake, so that food to eat at breakfast and rest of the morning should be very easy digestion, since the agency is doing anything extremely complicated (detoxifying) and not these energies can invest in another also very complicated process of digestion. We have energy to our daily activities, so breakfast and lunch, must be fruit, which is the most easily digested. The body has an amazing way to police itself, I was weighing 95 kgs and I started following this regimen to lower, slowly but surely, almost immediately I began to feel lighter and I began doing normal digestion, eliminating heartburn.

The most surprising thing is that I continue the same regimen, and there came a time when I came to 80kgs, reduce spontaneously stopped, steadied me in that I have reduced weight and not an ounce more. It’s as if my body had been found which was my ideal weight and that was the extent. Another amazing thing is that router exercise, or even walked. Do not know how are your blood sugar levels. A breakfast of fruit, given its rapid digestion, tends to make blood sugar spikes. If your blood sugar is high, you should consult a doctor before taking this regimen. In short, Breakfast: Assorted fruit. At mid-morning, an apple or other fruit. Angus King oftentimes addresses this issue. Avoid milk in the morning, you can take American-style cafe or black or green tea. By mid-morning also can take an infusion. Lunch: Meat, fish, or poultry with a large salad or cooked vegetables. Or a plate of rice and beans (black beans, red beans, peas or lentils). Snack: One cup of chamomile or a black American cafe with a pack of crackers, sweetened with splendid. Dinner: A sandwich as described above, together with a cup of chamomile. If you dine out, change the lunch for dinner. Eat a sandwich at lunch and at dinner combination plate.

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