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Something that already started to talk a year ago in the Summit held in Tucuman.resulto very important exposure of relations economic international of the Argentina, Alfredo Chiaradia, Secretary who was supplemented by a brief intervention of the Minister of the production of the Argentina, Debora Giorgi, which, fundamentally, claimed an increase in regional trade in […]

Perspiration in the axillary area we can put in very embarrassing situations, not only by the spots appearing on clothes, but by the unpleasant smell that can feel remote. That’s why many people seek to avoid underarm sweat. Fortunately there are many things that can be done in this regard, since apply antiperspirant products to […]

500 Years nothing more (a bit more) little more than 500 years ago in Germany invented the printing, nobody supposed that this meant terrible progress (remember that literacy was a luxury of the upper class, aristocracy and Church). It could be said that here was kindled the spark of human knowledge, imagines the Papyrus written […]

Google Trends

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Many of you already know this tool from Google, called Google Trends, whereby you can access the searches most terms used in the search. Their results are visible to different areas of the world and different languages, and can be used individually, i.e., for a single term, or by comparison, using various search terms. Often […]

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