Construction Debris

In recent years, with the development of the economy, the number of urban construction waste emissions grow rapidly, which brought a great burden to the city construction. Although the construction waste resource utilization has begun to take shape, it is far from being able to obtain a higher construction waste recovery rate, not to meet the urgent needs of the waste disposal market. the mobile crusher station our company produced is the best choice for building garbage collection. Chinese construction waste recycling work starts late, the garbage treatment capacity is low, and there have been the garbage Fortress Besieged serious phenomenon. In recent years, the environmental health industry has made great progress in China, construction waste, has been significantly improved. Overall, construction waste processing presents the following issues:? construction waste separate collection not only the vast majority of mixed collection. construction waste recycling low.

(3) China s construction waste disposal and resource utilization technology lags behind urban construction waste to use more direct landfill approach, both occupied the land and pollute the environment. less investment in urban construction waste disposal measures of policies and regulations are not perfect, and the environmental awareness of the construction workers are not strong. To solve the above problem, the emergence of mobile garbage crushing station construction waste resources processing brings great hope. We use our own company s construction waste crushing plant manufacturing mobile devices, combinating with the supporting construction waste brick-making machinery, in cooperation with the government management department, Construction Debris treatment and utilization of engineering services, digestion, processing, integrated urban construction waste, and to contribute to building clean, low-carbon urban environment. Mobile construction waste crushing station set construction garbage by feeding, crushing, transmission, processing, reprocessing technology and equipment as a whole, become a powerful set of total production and processing lines, to complete the construction of multi-demand garbage processing operations by different combinations of equipment.The workstation has a structural optimization, lightweight and reasonable, versatility and features to overcome the drawbacks of the device components divided body placed in the space occupied by a large, decentralized operations complicated. Construction waste resource utilization, its garbage collection efficiency can be as high as 95%, not only to solve the problem of construction waste on urban environmental hazards, and after the production of of Kai Hing machinery production line to produce high quality tubes and pipes, which will bring great economic benefits to the enterprises and relevant government departments. The mobile crushing plant our company produced bring the crushing of construction waste into high efficiency, high – income, zero-pollution times. development of mining machinery industry advances the technology, promote the sustainable development of mankind. original link: Impact stone crusher: Vibrating screen:

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