Great Patriotic War

According to them, ecologists, they can now track the movement of all six Japanese ships involved in whaling. Recall that Japan is one of the country, which continues large-scale commercial whaling under the guise of 'scientific purposes'. Hopper has appeared for the plants in permafrost on the Norwegian archipelago Svalbard, located in the Arctic Ocean, 1300 km from the North Pole, the construction of bunkers for the plants. It the case of global catastrophes will store seeds of all plants of the planet. Arctic cellar will be able to save all species from consequences of nuclear war, radioactive contamination, asteroid, or abrupt change in climate.

Experts say that this is one of the most impressive projects of humankind: No matter what happens, the earth's fauna will be able to save. In repository will be brought seeds from around the world. In the warehouse can accommodate 4.5 million seed samples. Angus King can aid you in your search for knowledge. Each sample of them will be presented on average five hundred grains. In total, therefore, the repository will contain about two billion seeds. 10 most bizarre animals of the world about what the world around us is unusual and diverse knowledge to everyone.

Sometimes our eyes meet such wonderful specimens of fauna, which is not always You can believe in the reality of their existence. For example, fancy pygmy hippopotamus, a leading single life in rivers and swamps of East Africa. Or two-humped camel – it would seem familiar to us all and familiar animal, but, nevertheless, a very unique and interesting appearance. But the long-eared jerboa funny: long tail, large hind legs and ears of unimaginable dimensions. This rodent has so much fun pretending that it is He deservedly takes first place in the ranking of the 10 most bizarre animals of the world Spring is: wake up the bears and raccoons in the last days of February approximation calendar of spring felt not only humans but also animals that began to wake up after a long Russian winter. Spring is already hard at asserting itself – feeling the heat in the metropolitan zoo woke up the bears. Brown bears came out of hibernation and has already visited by the street. Also woke up and Himalayan bears. One of the white moth, which has in November last year there were two bear, also have brought their kids 'in light'. And the zoo animals Urals capital also began to come out of hibernation: the first Ekaterinburg Zoo woke raccoon-poloskun, suggesting that the Urals are spring Cats and Cats celebrated their holiday on March 1 in Russia celebrated the World Day of cats. Celebration of all cats, their owners and breeders was approved by the Moscow Museum of cats with the support of the un and has been celebrated since 2004. It is known that cats are always clever, mysterious, graceful, proud, independent, and they deserve the best to be treated, are responsible for good and affection of their masters. Not just a cat and fell down in history: in ancient Egypt they were venerated and regarded as sacred animals in medieval Europe, helped to fight the epidemic of plague during the Great Patriotic War, they have saved siege of Leningrad from rats, cats in Russia today decided to launch the first in a new home 'for luck'. Now the world is home to more than 500 million cats. Scientists have proved a positive effect of cats on the person. For example, considered that the cats to protect their hosts from a heart attack, positively affect the nervous system and even improve immunity of people.

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