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In the history of fashion and fashion Hubert de Givenchy will forever remain a model of style and genuine aristocracy. He said that he wanted all his life to perfection, which for him has been closely linked with the famous triad Plato – the beauty, goodness and harmony. Givenchy could become a real pillar of […]

Soviet Union

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This is a scholar and human rights activist Andrei Sakharov might seem random figure at the head of such a large country like Russia. Yeltsin does not. He was a functionary, and, and executives – or in the Soviet times to become the first secretary of the field was unreal. But even with such talent […]

In December 1908 she died that was a great shock to Hitler's life. After the death of Adolf mother again went to Vienna. Thus, the childhood of Adolf Hitler can not be called 'golden age' – heavy on the hand and despotic father, beaten, intimidated mother, the dream of a church career … and dreams, […]

The modern market offers a wide range of wooden products for artists. Easels, boards, displays, glasses, palette, pencil boxes, frames and stretchers, etudes – all presented in different variations. Goods different finishes and material means of production and design, price and quality. However, it is not always the "expensive" means "high". If you want to […]

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