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Santa Marta Food

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This means that approximately two thousand five hundred million human beings are deprived of the comfort of the tap and drinking water. Some members of the affected families, usually women and children, must walk long distances to fill the containers and carry them on their backs or shoulders. In the case of minors time spent […]

Marketing – promotion of innovative business Today we will talk about the marketing promotion of business innovation. Marketing – the part of the business, but it is part of the business, without which the business does not exist, but between by businessmen themselves do not recognize the existence of marketing. But exactly what happens. Marketer, […]

Person System

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System provides and create a new account, if it comes avtofotosemka new visitor. The system allows to determine the conditions for blocking: the provision of a man "guest card" (blocking exit doors in case of violation by the presence of the selected time) individual blocking entrances or exits and the whole room in general, blocking […]

Tax Code

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At this time it required the application does not has the ability to exceed 12 months, and the initial price must be the most 40 thousand rubles. (Section 1, Art. 256 Tax Code). This asset is written off in accordance costs means depreciation. The initial price of the principal means acquired by the taxpayer for […]

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