Soviet Greeting Cards

Old greeting cards … from the state in which we were born and raised, and which no longer exists. Then they were part of our lives. Each holiday celebration and did not do without the cards. Millions of these flying colored pictures parts of our country, carrying the words and heartfelt wishes, giving warmth and joy to loved ones. A peculiar collection of postcards was in every family. Some enthusiastically ran into kiosks 'Syuzpechati' or the post office, rejoicing the emergence of new cards favorite artists. Others simply collect bright pictures, sometimes even making them gifts for the holidays.

Someone stacked the box greetings from relatives, not thinking that it will take time and these small leaves of thick paper will be messengers from the past. Today, in an age of electronic communication at our disposal many ways to communicate with family and friends. Mobile and e-mail, IM and services video messaging … pen and paper, we have replaced the keyboard and computer screen even postcards now electronic – audio or video. A regular card is often already have a prepared text, not to us lostavlyat hassle. But how much more pleasant to read congratulation that says someone close to hand, feel the warmth of his soul. Every old card connects us with some aspect of lived …

These doodles reminded how, barely learned write, rough block letters like to express his feelings to his father to Soviet Army Day ilimame the eighth of March. That gave this card to each birthday. And that you sent to parents, studying in the capital, the institute … Each their memories, but warm and pleasant. After greeting cards, unlike letters, always had kind words and positive emotions. So we look through these and postcards with a sense of nostalgia, as if lost in last part of his soul, a small light that illuminates their magic light our nature. As before, we again admire the talent of artists of the Soviet time. Chetverikov, Zarubin, Manilow and many others. These easily recognizable, extremely beautiful and the good cards like in old times please the eye and warms the soul. In the present generation will certainly their 'cards', and their memories. A Soviet Greeting Cards will continue to delight us – those who lived in the country, returning to the atmosphere of recent years, causing a kind of remembering, each has its own …

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