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And not just here to save energy. In the entire building are optimized lighting halogen lamps, compact fluorescent lamps, which provide up to 80 percent more efficient light than conventional models, and high performance-LED’s installed. In addition, polished steering mirrors are employed, which direct the light to the right place, and avoid wastage. Motion sensors […]

FATH solar GmbH is looking for suitable trade partner has FATH solar just yet at the Bavarian energy prize won, and otherwise makes the energy roof of himself talking about FATH. It is not only easy and quick to install, it creates also a visually uniform, almost jointless surface in a homogeneous hue that looks […]

Managing Director of Hummel Systemhaus GmbH met policy last week together with the exchange of ideas between Steffen Bilger, Member of the German Bundestag and member of the Transport Committee, and Frank Hummel, and MdB Steffen Bilger discussed economics in Frickenhausen on solar power and electric vehicles Frickenhausen, May 11, 2011. central topics of conversation […]

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