All, also those, that confess different creeds, yes are worried and working arduously to keep its standards of comfort and welfare? what, by the way it does not have badly none? what it has of pssimo they are the excesses committed and the reinante hypocritical fingimento. All are judged deserving of bigger portions, all find victims of an injustice of some form and therefore they tend to boycott and to make it difficult the normal flow of functioning of the institutions? the concern with its individualism, gets dull and overshadows the vision of all. on behalf of the development if arrasa the life of the planet as a whole harmonic and supplier of life. To leave to make what it has of being fact, because it is judged minimized in its wage is an illness that reaches a great majority of the Brazilian people. this, is a defended truth or lawyer to neglect its obligations, because to earn more or less never it will make somebody more or less efficient being in what it is considered to make. Who knows to make right, who learned to work efficiently, makes independent of how much it earns, because well-taken care of, attention, zeal, good taste, proper brio, art and pleasure in constructing not if to purchase the price of the vile metal. The currency that defines the good work of the bad one is conscience. What if purchase with money is greed, vanity, pride, egoism, great power and exhibitionism.

Clearly? I accumulate of superfluous goods and an individualistic nature of all powerful, that if worries much more in menosprezar its pairs of what to coexist equal. Although this – the money is a good, because it regulates the ways of exchange. I tired? I headed in direction to a clean water stream, took off the footwear and the stockings, I wet my feet with cold current water as ice, I wet my forehead and nape of the neck, I drank with the hands in shell and I delighted myself to see the consequences of the sun shining in the water. As I, in other edge vi wise one to make the same with great joy in its soul, saltitava pra and pra there here, shaking the wings and to be glad itself only with dom of living the life that God gave to it. For a moment I felt a bird to me, exempts to live the pleasure of the simple ones. Because we do not make only this. The sun grew? heating gostosamente my body? it dressed me entirely to the landscape and I did not resist it invites it of relva wet by the night watchman of the dawn and lay down sluggishly.

My eyes had passed to contemplate the escape of clouds and thus I remained in contemplation. Without nothing to think. But I came back my attention to feel the cold of gotculas to perpassar my clothes and to reach my skin. But it lived. It breathed the odors of the green weeds, felt the oxygen to enter cold for my nostrils. My directions had been if harmonizing with the environment until adormeci, angelicamente. I lived.

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