Vera Cruz

Another attraction of the place is the main church of the Holy Trinity, considered one of the largest Cuba, which brings together several pieces of great value, as the Cristo de la Vera Cruz and a marble altar dedicated to Our Lady of Mercy. Around the Plaza Mayor you can admire other striking buildings as the Cantero Palace, where is located the Museum of History also invite you to visit other places of cultural interest. Similarly, one can pause the tour at the bar, to taste a traditional drink of the same name made from rum, honey and lemon. Near the town, a trip that should be present in the visitor’s itinerary is the San Luis Valley, also known as the Sugar Mills in the eighteenth century was full of sugar factories. This valley is a veritable archaeological monument to the sugar industry, then you will find many ruins of the facilities associated with the manufacture of sugar, as sugar mills, sheds, summer houses, etc.. I recommend admire the elegant bell-tower Mused in the past to police the slaves. In this valley, visitors can enjoy the countryside, horse riding, explore caves and rivers, and visit villages like San Pedro, considered Natural Museum of African Culture in Cuba. Other sites to visit include the Mirador de la Vigia, where you get a wonderful view of the region, and the Plaza de Carrillo, also known as the Parque Cespedes, where is the Parroquia de San Francisco de Paula, constructed in century XIX.

Nearby is also the Daiquiri Bar Cafeteria and Fisher House, where the Casa Artex organizes cultural activities. Furthermore, one of the best views of the city is available from the tower of the Convent of St. Francis of Assisi. Lovers of culture and history will find in the city of Trinidad and its surroundings a unique place to vacation. One can wander through its cobbled streets and appreciate their diversity of styles, visit its museums and cultural facilities, and observe the work of local artists pottery, handicrafts, weaving, music and dance, experiencing the rhythm of a city filled with customs and traditions, where popular culture captivate any visitor. In addition, very close to her, 19 kilometers away, a mountainous area ideal for various variants of ecotourism and health tourism, while to the south in the Peninsula, lies the best beach on the coast south. The museums, churches, mills, buildings, plazas and squares of Trinidad, the City Museum in the Caribbean Sea, are expression of national history, and the combination of its people hospitable and friendly, make it a very popular tourist destination among the most sought after for those who prepare their trips to Cuba.

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