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In this case, losing a job or just drop experienced as a personal betrayal, failure. Another type – design consciousness, when the work – is the man himself, his personal experience and expertise, and each new location – only a step in his career. Such a person perceives the dismissal rather as a challenge and […]

Quit only when your project has begun to yield stable returns adequate to your salary. So far this has not happened in any case do not leave their posts. Of course, you should be prepared for a large stress from the constant activity: eight (sometimes more) hours at work and then sleep until the home […]


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1. Experience (in years) in the labor market / staff. Yes, indeed, experience is a key advantage in recruiting, as well as in law, medicine and psychology. All intellectual services: the more experienced doctor, lawyer or teacher, the higher its professionalism, the greater the probability of obtaining the desired result. Typically, recruitment Agencies serious enough […]

Practical advice for novice freelancers. Working as a freelancer or contractor as it is often referred to, is a significant step toward business and his own business. Those who decided start working as a freelancer, you may set obstacles to a successful career. As a former freelancer who has experience also as a freelance client, […]

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