Venezuelan Administration

Happiness is the greatest achievement of the man; It is the response of their total personality to a productive orientation towards himself and towards the outside world. Eric Fromm there is a basic commitment on the development and training of new executives (especially for the Venezuelan case) take into account the new administrative perceptions, that not only is have been originating worldwide but within the current scenario facing the country. Obviously, many perceptions, thoughts and modern administrative science tools, however, are in this opportunity we will stop at which they consider most relevant, according to my perception as a teacher and Advisor business consultant. Not be denied, the individual efficiency is only partially a function of ideas, knowledge and skills of a person. In other words, organizational effectiveness, depends not only on the individual skills, but as they are linked to each other.

With the formation of efficient, cohesive, integrated teams. It is necessary to wake up in the Manager and in their resource human relevance form working teams, bringing together people with skills with unique capabilities, willing to collaborate, work together, using their talent, creativity, taking of decisions, review the scope, relationships of modern work and check that as well this is defined with eigenfunctions of the realities of the moment. Modern management, knows that the formation of team is an effort to deal directly with the problem of the organizational climate. Hence the importance of encouraging in that the basic strategy of teaming is to work with existing working teams, at all levels, including workers without supervisory position to achieve the goal of developing a process that helps diagnose their problems, plan how to solve them and carry out these plans for a quick and effective way to the work unit. It is necessary therefore to increase knowledge and understanding by the administrative relations manager (Manager), to the present a series of ideas related to those factors that tend to restrict or increase the effective interpersonal relationships.

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