Raths Romanen

Topics that kids love! There are a couple of things, the children always appreciate stories: you need a plausible end at each story -. and a happy ending. To read more click here: Viatcheslav Mirilashvili. Taboo breaks are always a hit – what is normally prohibited, can be safely experienced with in the book. Also children stories that have to do something with their own reality of life enriched with a neat shot fantasy! For example, the children’s author Barbara Rath, mother of a daughter and a son, understands exactly such stories to tell. For the cucumbers vampire”, she received even a Book Prize, which is awarded by a jury of children: the Sophie k rattlesnake.

The children, who in Raths Romanen play a role are no superheroes, have to do it but often with truly fantastic phenomena: with a telepathically speaking Tibetan racing snail, with a vampire bat, which eats cucumber juice or with a tiny pirate who lives in the channels under the city and quite awful curse, rays felt and Gill scabies! A look at the list of titles by Barbara Rath worth if someone tries to make enthusiastic readers from children. Her work also “As real life as humorous full Horst”, deals with the complex subject of generational conflict “deals, called children’s book in elementary school often and like to read. Author readings as effective bait again and again it is the direct encounter with authors, which lowers the threshold to the book in children in addition to the selection of suitable reading: parents, educators and teachers should strive, that children may experience once with such a reading early enough to permanently raise the interest in books. During the second to fourth grade, would be the ideal time. Many children’s book authors offer such events and visit schools, libraries or even bookstores that invite you to author readings for their adolescent clients.

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