Beach Holidays In Cyprus

This amazing island of unique natural contrasts – a real jewel of the Mediterranean. Tours to Cyprus attracts millions of tourists from around the world, it is covered with legends and the ancient earth, floating in immense and the free space caressing sun, clear sky, the boundless blue waters and warm winds, a wanderer, going from unknown to Asia Minor and the coast of Africa. Visit here say that if you remained on paradise earth, then, of course, holiday in Cyprus. For more information see this site: British Petroleum. There are sandy beaches, sun-drenched and blue sea, which give way to majestic mountains covered with virgin forests, citrus orchards and banana plantations are replaced by olive groves and vineyards. Tours to Cyprus as if specially designed for unwinding and dissolution in the beauty of nature. Visitors to the island fall into the realm of extraordinary beauty and infinite diversity of nature and features a serene, full of amazing discoveries and impressions of rest. The clean mountain air, scenic trails, gentle, pleasant climate make trips to Cyprus, a favorite area of leisure, especially during the hot summer months. Holidays in Cyprus – is a high level of civilization, a high degree of security, benevolent local population.

Most often, tourists are choosing things to do in Limassol, or rounds in Ayia Napa. Many tourists go to Cyprus in the winter. Winter holidays can combine swimming in the sea with downhill skiing. Excellent service and a large number of Russian-speaking staff make the holiday in Cyprus is very comfortable. Since the beginning of tourist business in Russia has become a popular area of elite vacation on the island of Cyprus which was then available only to very wealthy people.

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