Sustainable Entrepreneurship

Sustainable entrepreneurship as key to a future that’s already here AEMME (Multisectorial Spanish Association of microenterprise) along with the College of technical engineering of public works of Madrid, organized the entrepreneurs day, sustainability and micro-enterprises. This session object vision was focused to all business areas, the current situation of the market and the need that entrepreneurs of any stature and entrepreneurs from all sectors, could join synergies with the aim of achieving a new way of advancing through the path of entrepreneurial sustainability. The seminar, held on January 25, attended an overwhelming that filled the room at all times. The numerous speakers fostered interest in all submissions, both its quality and its added value. Welcomed the Act Don Jesus Martinez Alegre, Dean of the College of engineers of public works of Madrid, Don Victor. I.

Delgado Corrales, President of AEMME and Don Benjamin Cendrero Agenjo, of the Ayuntamiento de Madrid, Madrid Emprende project. Between the 9.00 and 14,25 hours in the morning, which lasted approximately until 15.30 h, succeeded each other interesting papers which participated, among others:-Don Daniel Hellin, President and Chief Executive delegate of Foresis group, with a presentation on sustainability circles of great significance among the attendees. (-Roundtable on Ecodesign in micro-enterprises, with the participation of Evening Fashion Network, Ecologing, SlowFashion Spain)-Roundtable on sustainability in sectors of activity, with the participation of Evened group Daedalus; Avenat, environmental services; Don Carlos G. Carro, architect and lawyers VG, financial advisor. -In a third block were useful and practical presentation on funding of Don Jordi Paniello, President of the Association of professional consultants of investment and financing of Catalonia; and Nantik Lum, who presented the Spanish microfinance platform (PEM). -Finally and as closing papers with the themed Corporate Social responsibility, 3 companies addressed this very topical subject: network Spanish Pact world Nations United CSR – SME and a means of sector specialized as Corresponsables. He also spoke in an open, clear and passionate an entrepreneur and co-founder of Fundacion Ushas, Mrs. Carmen Alvarez, who put large doses of illusion, proactivity and innovation as ideas for Spanish entrepreneurs future.

Closing the day, responsible for its opening, AEMME and the University School engineers technical public works, gave went to a Networking with Spanish wine, where all attendees could exchange views about the reason of the day and of the future, already present, of sustainable entrepreneurship. AEMME hopes and wishes that this project, launched this 2012, has great success that has taken this journey and be, from now, cooperate, support, and help entrepreneurs and new entrepreneurs to build a sustainable in the Spanish market network. More information: Asociacion Espanola Multisectoral microenterprise AEMME – C /. Ambassadors, 198, 1 C, 28045, Madrid Tels.: 91 752 10 36 / 650 291 524, Fax: 91 528 39 87 E-mail: Web: author: Pilar Esteban, responsible communication, about AEMME AEMME was founded in the year 2004, with the intention of providing service to a business activity that is more isolated because of their special characteristics and greater difficulties in integrating into collective: microenterprise. AEMME integrates individual, self-employed entrepreneurs and small businesses in general: companies in the majority of family cases, with few employees and much daily effort.

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