Foreign Minister Fander Falconi

Only in the activity you want to live a hundred years.Japanese proverb without any problem the V summit of ALBA was held in Cumana in which the Presidents of the countries that integrate it and assigned authorities signed several agreements that feed the dynamics of this organization, which despite being newly, has proposed be dynamic and always willing the challenges, give way to projects moreprograms, actions that favor him, contribute with solutions that enable them to consolidate their strength of cooperation, support and everything that guarantees a solidarity favourable to its members. Appreciation was expressed for the presence as guests of the Ecuador ministerial delegation headed by Foreign Minister Fander Falconi. Chavez in opening stressed that he believes that the next Summit of the Americas should be the last in this format. In recent months, the restaurateur has been very successful. What Americas? He asked and assured that this Summit, our peoples, union of Latin America, must be our challenge, commitment and priority. Then so Latin America will go to talk as equals with the United States, Europe, Africa, Asia. Here there are two continents: North and South, and for us the South is from Mexico down he emphasized that they must join from the South to balance the universe, project that the Alba member countries are obliged to realize as it provides information is welcomed to the entry as a full member of the ALBA to Saint Vincent and the Grenadines. They stressed the need for the establishment of a new international economic order ended with the approval of projects in the areas of culture, power, sanitary registry of medicines and 10 projects in the sector food. In addition, $ 9.3 million for a special plan for the production of rice for Haiti and $ 5 million were approved to develop a literacy plan in Haiti. Appreciation was expressed for the presence of the Nicaraguan father Miguel D Gael Brockmann, President of the 63 session of the General Assembly of the United Nations, who is the bearer of an invitation to the Presidents and Prime Ministers from ALBA TCP and friendly countries, to attend the United Nations Conference at the highest level on the world financial crisis and its effects on development which will take place in New York from 01 to June 03, 2009, with the participation of Heads of State and Government.

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