This is a scholar and human rights activist Andrei Sakharov might seem random figure at the head of such a large country like Russia. Yeltsin does not. He was a functionary, and, and executives – or in the Soviet times to become the first secretary of the field was unreal. But even with such talent in troubled times to achieve serious tops, without risk is impossible. And Boris Yeltsin took the risk. Without hesitation Lakshman Achuthan explained all about the problem.

Like a player in Poker, which places all on the line to hand, having the only two, albeit powerful cards. And could, and lose, lose everything, like many others defeated the conspirators and revolutionaries, are so abundant in our history. Also I would like to point out some aspects of behavior after Yeltsin came to power. He never had enemies. Although many of them became established by betrayal – that we talk about the opponent originally? A single conversation – is the press, freedom is championed as Yeltsin himself.

What is the freedom to first of all have hurt himself. Uncontrolled journalists did not hesitate to fill his ratings, spitting in someone who gave them the opportunity to speak and not be afraid. But this spiteful barking quickly grew into a very enthusiastic praises, when there was a man who allowed himself to be rude and had no illusions on the subject of "freedom and independence" media. But to some extent, Boris Yeltsin, was worthy of understanding and sympathy – Russia had come to him in a deplorable state, the Soviet Union collapsed not just because, and reform is almost always cause popular discontent. Moreover, as Gaidar said, one thing to run the country when the oil is worth a hundred dollars a barrel, while the other – when the price he's only sixteen. Besides, no matter how reviled the "young reformers" and their patron of the president, the country, in any case, would have divided into fatty lumps, but the fact that the carve-up of such a large cake, as Russia was no blood and did not violate the integrity of our country – their great service. And more. Among predatory Wolf, eagerly tore his best pieces, there were almost no foreigners. And our wolves – they are still ours. And the last. Boris Yeltsin – the only governor in the history of Russia, who himself gave up power. Yes, the third term envisaged by the Constitution, and the ratings were low … but all this can be solved by looking at Belarus, and some of our Asian neighbors. And we are so accustomed to this that Yeltsin's "I'm leaving" in the New Year's Day was a shock to our entire country. And for this alone, "I'm leaving," Boris Nikolayevich can be forgiven (at least in part) and higher prices, and the drunken antics, and even unjustified concessions to our western "friends". All above is a personal opinion of the author, which may not coincide with the opinions of others.