As well as the Italy Lecture it had to move of name for Palms, the Hespanha, for being name of country, moved for Jabaquara, in 1942. Jabaquara because it is the name of the quarter where the Hespanha had been established. The name has origin in Yb-a-qura, ' ' buraquento' ' , or Y-a-baquara, ' ' the corridor, ligeiro' ' in aluso to a stream that passed that way. Sergio Dos Santos Silveira, in its book on the Jabuca, explains that he has one another version for the etimologia of this name: jab, ' ' fujo' ' , and he will quar, ' ' refgio' '. Coincidently, in this region quilombo from 1882 existed one. However, the author says that this quilombo did not have relation with the origin of the name.

Probably because the place already was known for Jabaquara before quilombo, in reason of the stream. Sources: GEHRINGER, Max (org.). Pills of instantaneous wisdom of the Etelvina Teacher. So Paulo: Globe, 2009. P. 168. SILVEIRA, Sergio Dos Santos. Jabuca of our hearts.

Saints: Parma, 2002. P. 14, 36-7. So Paulo Lausanne Alberto Savoy was a son of Swiss immigrants in one lugarejo next to the Swiss city to Lausanne. Soil owner great in the zone north of So Paulo, one day it more than vendeu a thousand kilometers squared to the friend Francisco Lands on water that, in homage to the parents of the salesman, he gave to the area the name of So Paulo Lausanne. Later, this area was vendida the Piero Roversi that, coincidently, also age of Swiss origin. Therefore, it kept the name to initiate So Paulo the Lausanne land division. Moreover, the region had mineral a water source called Lausanne Source, as well as a quarry that it gave origin to the name of a local teams, Quarry FC. In 20.03.1927, a group of not conforming players of the Quarry had decided to create a new club.