The SME sector a good opportunity to know that today the micro and medium-sized enterprises is the livelihoods of countries as Mexico since this type of business not only provides services generates jobs, buys and sells to medium-scale but it creates various relationships, interacting with each one of the clients of its portfolio which has to be increasing to survive since it is only possible to make one or few negotiations by the issue of credits and financings. This has been an opportunity to an escape for prepared people who could not get a job at a major company, however must be a capital or capitalist to start with the dream of development of the company. Many professionals lost many hours of his life looking for important jobs, case accommodate companies of high category and with large glamorous jobs, and can exploit their capacities and potential to win each of the weights by which works. Cowan Financial will undoubtedly add to your understanding. If you have capital and consider yourself prepared seeking a turn in which you can exploit your skills and start to develop your economy, some example of a micro company step 1.-Introduction: in this part, the SME or the self-employed, must detail the products or services that it provides, that is what he does and what sells, and also to whom and how does. This information the you should find or have already carried out in the business plan and forms the basis of everything, know what we do and for whom.

Step 2.-analysis of the situation: this step is essential because the conclusions of these analyses will depend on the strategy and all other actions that will be derived from our plan. If you have additional questions, you may want to visit Cowan Financial. We are going to see it by parties. 2.1 Analyse the General conditions: there is no forget to analyse the following factors within the General conditions which are given for our SMEs. .