Sewing Machines

It must have been many times when you worked in a sewing machine, she began to behave strangely. Then you began to conduct experiments on their car, especially on a thread and needle. And so upset that he did not wanted to open a manual on operation to see what's the real problem lies. However, it will be useful to know that the small problems that arise in the sewing machine can be easily removed. Often arise malfunction of the sewing machine to sew Machine suddenly stops: It's basically what happens when you sew for a long time without stopping. The machine automatically shuts off to prevent overheating.

Give the machine half an hour to rest and start sewing again. The sewing machine makes a strange sound and stops working: Most likely, the needle was stuck in the fabric that is too tight. Insert the needle into a larger size. It may also occur when the needle breaks. In this case, carefully remove the broken needle and try another. Do not move the needle: It is possible, the machine properly threaded. Check out how is the coil. Also check whether the presser foot is lowered.

Broken needle: Check whether the needle is inserted. Check whether the presser foot and is needle plate. Choose a needle according to tissue density. Breaks the top thread: You may have inserted the wrong thread. The filament must be formed knot. Fill the new machine. Adjust the tension thread. Perhaps it is too tight. You may be using wrong size needle. Choose a needle according to the density of fabric and thread. Check whether the needle is bent. Replace it if necessary. Perhaps, too thick or too poor quality thread. Replace it if necessary. Bobbin thread breaks on: It must be bobbin is inserted correctly. Check out her position. Perhaps the thread is wound on the bobbin bad.

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