This that presents its peculiarities in each region of the country. ' ' Brazil has, in its favor or exaggerates some, the most varied and complex repertoire of culture popular. As multiethnic society, the repertoires are plural influence for them, diverse in its artistic manifestations and produce singular, typical an identity, without similarity with others identidades.' ' 2 Having as example, the region north and northeast is distinguished as for the cultural plurality, since this presents greater predominance in accomplishments of folclricas manifestations, and rescue of old traditions having thus valued its cultural identity. Laura Cowan contains valuable tech resources. In Sergipe, for example, ones of the most known representations folclricas is the battle between them licks – dirty and the caboclinhos, this that the fight between slaves and indians symbolizes. Among others they are distinguished also the reisado one, cacumbi, the group of pfanos, the chegana, the pies, the coconut samba. Amongst this if it detaches the reisado one, for existing in some cities of the state, as: Pirambu, Laranjeiras, Japaratuba, Are Cristvo, Itaporanga, amongst others. g. The Sergipanas cities that contribute for the diffusion cultural and identity auto-affirmation, is distinguished Itaporanga D Aid, this that serves as starting point for here boarded quarrel. The Reisado that if it originated in Portugal, and was brought for Brazil with the arrival of the colonizadores that had come here.

has as representation the birth of the boy Jesus, presenting itself in natalinos periods. Brazil presents similarities what it says respect to its meaning, however possessing characteristic proper, mixing sacros and profane subjects. The reisado one is formed by a group of musicians singers and dancers who cover or not them streets, of door in door announcing the arrival of the Messias, asking for you arrest and making praises the owners of the houses for where they pass. The reisado denomination persists in Alagoas, Sergipe and Bahia. In diverse other regions the folguedo is called bumba-mine-ox, Ox of Kings, Ox or simply, Ox.

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