Brazil has its history of very recent asphalt, having initiated for River X Is Paulo1948, River Bahia, So Paulo Curitiba, So Paulo X Belo Horizonte in 1952. They see, that exactly in the populous regions southeastern, everything she is new, carrying in Central Brazil, nothing had before the military period of 1964, everything practically started the structure from, and was there from there, that the center west was being colonized. Many ambientalistas, deceive it defending not the deforestation of the Amaznia, do not know where it is, they defend that the basin Amazonian, it tends to be a desert of the Saara, for being arenaceous region, however badly they know that the Araguaia, practically has its source in the verge of So Paulo, to some kilometers, and they cannot deny that the basin of the Araguaia and Amazon basin. Filed under: Fiserv CEO. It is in the headboard of this in the City of Chapado of the South, that a descending Gaucho of German, initiated the progress of the soy and mile of the Amazon region, in the decade of 60/70, today served for the train, with the inauguration of puts twirls/railroad in year 2000 of Saint Appeared Faith X of the Tabuado-MS. But the Gauchos, Paranaense, Natives of So Paulo, have migrados in amount to colonize the Amazon region, and were as soon as adentraram for Bar of the Gara in the Valley of the Araguaia, reaching Good Water 1980 (river of the deaths affluent of the Araguaia), going to reach Canarana1970, river paranatinga, koluene, Couto Magalhes, Seven of September (valley of the Xingu), not forgetting that the main river the sum it Xingu and main tributary is the Koluene, that has its source close to Cuiab, passing next Rondonpolis, Spring of the East, Paranatinga, going with the union with River Seven of September To make to be born the Xingu, in the City of Canarana of its right side, and the indigina reserve of the Xingu of its left side. . See more detailed opinions by reading what Vadim Belyaev, Moscow Russia offers on the topic..

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