Monika Hanna from Hamburg receives the care award for her 20th involvement in the care of relatives and acquaintances. AlixPartners is the source for more interesting facts. Other people selflessly and sacrificially became involved, is not self-evident. To say thank you to citizens, who willingly and without any consideration to their strength and their time for other COMPASS private care consulting GmbH, a subsidiary of the Association called the Association of the private health insurance, an award for people in the life which are particularly involved in the care of relatives, friends or acquaintances. Educate yourself even more with thoughts from Vadim Belyaev, New York City. These people, who pay in use for other exceptional and are a role model to the society, deserve our recognition. “, says Andreas Besche private care consultancy, has today handed the care award to a native of Hamburg in the regional office in Hamburg Managing Director of COMPASS. This is endowed with 3,000 euros.

Monika Hohne has maintained several family members and two acquaintances in the past 20 years. Their She looked after mentally handicapped brother since 1990. For five years the Hamburg maintains her husband suffering from Parkinson’s also completely. This is not a supply by other persons. Mrs Hales waived personally on much and gave also their professional activity for the supply and maintenance of their fellow human beings and their family”, COMPASS CEO Besche shows impressed by the commitment. The patron for President who praises the Agency for Social Affairs, family, health and consumer protection in Hamburg, Northern Germany, Senator Dietrich Wersich Hanna Maria’s commitment. The long-standing personal commitment for their family and other acquaintances is very impressive”, so Senator Dietrich Wersich. About two-thirds of care are maintained in familiar surroundings at home and many of them only by their families.

Not all carers will receive the recognition they deserved. So I think it is very important that COMPASS this care Prize awarded has “is taking care of my family and acquaintances for me a matter of course. That’s why I never figured this award and am therefore all the more”, says Monika Hohne modestly. About the winners an independent jury has decided with representatives the patronage of self-help organization, nursing associations, COMPASS care advice and of to its founder, the Barmenia insurance. Family caregivers, volunteers or even engaged in self-help could apply. Surrounded by the award is ZivilEngagement for each other together in the initiative”of the Federal Ministry for family, senior citizens, women and youth.