Our Reiki Reiki-seminar 1 and 2, you learn to pass energy to other people in our seminar of the Reiki Reiki energy to other people, learn 1 and 2, to pass on animals and plants and to support them. It is important that you open yourself for the inexhaustible vitality (vitality). For this reason, all of our seminars in a unique natural landscape in the Zurcher Oberland (Switzerland) take place. You will find numerous flowers, butterflies and wildlife around the seminar House. They smell fresh herbs and hear cow bells. The Alps impresses with constantly changing moods.

Here, you will connect to the universal life force (life energy) and thus to refuel during the seminar. You will be gradually quiet away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life and without noise. It is the ideal place to connect with the life-force energy and its interior in contact. The views in the distance, the charming nature of the pond, fresh that water from the source, inspiration is secure. At night impressed a twinkling starry sky, as you perhaps have never experienced it. Our Usui Shiki Ryoho Reiki seminars, connect with nature.

We open the universal life force energy in the most diverse places and listen on the healing sounds of nature: the buzz of insects, the noise of the stream, or the tree-tops, the singing of the birds. In this way we contact with the universal life force energy, as well as with our minds, we want to share with other people by laying on of hands, or remote treatment. Our seminars take place in pristine nature and are pure love, which is not longer of course and sufficiently to get global natural and economic disasters in modern times. Reiki is an ancient method of healing support the rediscovered in the 19th century by a Japanese was applied by indigenous peoples like the MU’s, Mayans and many others.