In a seminar of the VDI-House Stuttgart marketing consultant Peter Schreiber explains sales managers how their company sure achieved its sales targets with a selling plan. As a sales strategy is actually implemented”is the title of a seminar that performs the VDI-Haus Stuttgart GmbH in Stuttgart on May 13. In the one-day seminar of marketing consultant Peter Schreiber explains Ilsfeld at Heilbronn, the participating business leaders and overall, how specific sales plans are derived from sales strategies, so that each area and the seller knows exactly what he has to do to achieve the sales objectives. In the day seminar of advisers specialising in the sales of industrial goods and services, a study presents the Central results has created his consultancy, Peter Schreiber & partners with the University of Mannheim. It was determined, what central market challenges”in the B2B area are companies in formulating their sales goals and what strategic priorities, to reach this place. For example: increase the binding of the regulars, whose revenue streams more exploit, gain new customers in the defined target segments or expand the services and range of services. Peter Schreiber also describes what action the response in the companies surveyed see achieving related objectives.

In working groups the participating business leaders and heads of sales trade is then about, to what extent would your companies are facing the same challenges and problems and what solutions they master them. Then Peter Schreiber elaborated with the participants as examples, such as sales strategies in a selling plan “to be operationalized each area and employees know exactly what when why to do has to make its contribution to the realization of the business and sales goals.” The selling plan plays a central role here”. He describes not only exactly what targets to achieve are, but also how to reach. For example in which target customers and what measures the desired revenue or profitability should be achieved. Is being developed as a such selling plan’ and learn how to work with him in everyday sales, the participants in this seminar of the VDI.