Scope, Impact And Benefits Of Using Thinkertoys

If the body is right, no matter what the shade is crooked. Chinese Proverb a General, basic considerations. The Thinkertoys are creative techniques that teach how to have ideas, both large and small. Ideas that will make money, they solve problems, they sell to the competition and that advance their careers. a strategies are to be active in the regular search of ideas. If we look for ideas often have to be necessarily good. Add to your understanding with New York Highlanders. a definitely the “thinkertoys” are a series of exercises that stimulate thinking and create original and creative responses to address the various challenges we face in our lives.

Michael Michalko, the “Thinkertoys” are strong and creative techniques that teach you how to have ideas. There are specific techniques and practices that allow you to have big ideas and small ideas that make you earn money, they solve problems, which due to competition and that advance his career. If this has piqued your curiosity, check out Vinit Bodas. Michael Michalko, in his work “ThinkerToys” poses as developing creativity in the company and indicates a set of techniques called ThinkerToys linear, intuitive and ThinkerToys ThinkerToys groups. Among the linear ThinkerToys are: list of attributes, morphological analysis, diagrams, matrices, etc. Among the intuitive ThinkerToys: incubation, questions, fantastic, creative visualization, images hipnogonicas, Psychosynthesis, etc. The groups have ThinkerToys for brainstorming, and rice or TKJ storm. Scope. All people have two cerebral hemispheres. Each has a function: we left in terms of words and symbols and the right image. The linear Thinkertoys are for the left brain and the intuitive to the right.

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