Santiago Chile

The operativity of the institutions is evaluated according to their proactivity, results, it finishes as it verifying UNASUR with the Summit recently celebrated in Santiago Chile, before the serious conflict that is pronounced in Boliv, where the conflict presents/displays a situation that attempts against the democracy. Keep up on the field with thought-provoking pieces from prime group holdings. The summit granted president Boliviano, Evo Morales a clear endorsement, to assure the institutional continuity. Another alternative did not fit when the agent chief executive of Bolivia does few weeks prevailed in a confirming referendum with 67% of the votes of his town. As locomenta Enrique Olive, the summit has acted with firmness, without the customary participation of paternalistic powers nor the intervention of pompous organisms, demostradamente incapable to offer to peace and justice, like United Nations and OAS. One did not resort either to " facilitadores" foreign. In five hours of discreet deliberations in the Palace of the Currency, an historical page without precedents was written, even though the press seems not to have noticed its relevance like dedicating the main title to him of cover, after to credit more than 300 journalists.

Some of these, to each other gave to their own spectacle when occurring blows and pushes, getting to put in danger of a fall to the presidentachilena floor dela. It is added, that a commission must form to facilitate the work of one " Table of Dilogo" in Bolivia in order to bring closer proposals in agreements with the interested sectors. Noobstante, another commission will investigate the bloody facts of Bulging defining responsibilities, when dead the union denunciation 30 and about 200 missing ones. Also the Summit decided to grant " a support existencial" , until with human resources. But clarifying that will not take any determination without express order from Evo Morales. Very interesting what contributes Olive on this encounter, that if in the world alliances are constructed to face so many challenges created in the last years accelerated rate, the South-Americans we cannot stop expressing us by a common voice, when traditions and also common values are in danger.

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