ReadSoft solution for automated invoice processing in SAP should accelerate the process significantly Neu-Isenburg, 26.03.2010. The Sandvik Mining and construction G.m.b.h. in Zeltweg (Austria) optimizes their invoice processing in SAP now with the solution suite by ReadSoft. The manufacturer of machinery for the mining industry replaces the previous very time-consuming manual entry of approximately 40,000 invoices. Due to special requirements for review and posting of the document, the manual process has often delayed the invoice processing.

Invoices from suppliers from abroad on different levels of quality, and also orders that are paid due to the long duration of the project in mechanical engineering for long periods of time with instalments are characteristic of the structure of the Sandvik invoice receipt. Ambitious goal of the company is through the electronic invoice processing automatically to book all purchase invoices with purchase order reference. To an automated matching with the ERP data in the To enable SAP system, both order number and invoice amount must match the specifications from the purchase order. To do this, the suppliers of the company be incorporated soon reinforced in the process. \”Werner Tiefengraber, project manager of software introduction: according to our planning the introduction of the automated invoice processing period of three years will pay for themselves.\” In the evaluation of multiple invoicing solutions for SAP ReadSoft best section from the perspective of the project team: was crucial for us, that the application for invoice processing in SAP is integrated. The ReadSoft solution was the most technically sophisticated product. We have reviewed other software solutions, where numerous process steps outside had taken place by SAP in a separate database. We wanted to avoid this because of the already complex process design\”, so Takacs. Also for ReadSoft said that the solution is already successfully in use in the Swedish parent company. A further plus point This is the ReadSoft solution SAP add-on for the workflow with the invoices promptly examine and approve leave for Sandvik.