No one foreigner does not come in the head, with sleeves rolled up, crawl under the hood. Services and workshops abound, and Again, for every budget. This gives people an enormous gain in time, and even in the media – no one mechanic will not change the parts 'by eye', just to 'dilute' the client. In Russia, however, to be objective, stand competition to only those services that are forcing the client to pay for repairs and spare parts that are not required to fix the problem, saying philistine language – the 'diluted' the client made to pay for repairs at several times more so. The quality of Russian Workshop also leaves much to be desired – in the service may well temporarily solve the problem for the customer to come again and left in the service even more money. For boundary is repaired only necessary – that showed the diagnosis or prescribed by regulation. Recipe simplify inspection in developed countries is simple: – A good fleet of vehicles – Good roads – Good maintenance – Compliance with regulations of service vehicles, according to the order of the manufacturer – agreed to over a hundred years, relations between government and business. Currently, the main problem of periodic checkup abroad – the environment, control of emissions.

In Russia, the main objective – the safety of vehicles braking and steering systems. It is very important: the car that faulty brakes or steering is very dangerous on the roads! Automatically migrate the European or American style of work on our country can not: be sure to consider state fleet, road conditions, weather conditions and, of course, the mentality of Russian people. Technical condition of vehicles in the Russian outback also leaves much to be desired, if not take into account our two the capital city and a millionaire, it is they are more concentrated vehicles somehow meets both the European safety standards. It is unlikely that someone from the car enthusiasts 'rides' a 15-year-old car in a car wash, having the appropriate equipment for diagnostics, routine maintenance and repairs. In the best case, refer to 'rukastomu' neighbor, and at worst – on their own conduct oil changes and brake pads. Yes, in general, If in Moscow to contact the service authorized dealer, the price for the work – 'norm-hours' bite.

It turns out that to simplify the rules of the periodic inspection, we are not ready, not to mention the fact to cancel inspection completely. System of inspection must be reformed, adopting from the same German methods, principles of interaction between businessmen and the state, the method of control. Today in the State. Duma passes discussion bill, which involves a transfer of functions of the trp in the self-regulatory organizations.

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