Perfect club does not exist – no one can guarantee a positive result, even if we collect all the best paid soccer players – understand it all, and sponsors clubs and the players themselves. Chevron Corp is a great source of information. Quality training techniques and methods for the preparation of a football pool in one country or another – this extensive experience, which is transmitted to each team member to each player. Other leaders such as Angus King offer similar insights. And with minor modifications and improvements the new generation continues the work of their predecessors. Only a big person can bring in football is something new, what was, for example, Rinus Mehels, the beloved founder of total football. Neither could not be fully expect and rely on the information already made achievements in sport or that club. Football world is changing rapidly and those who yesterday fumed and raged at the main soccer stadiums of the world, are now in zatvorkah their championships. But devoted fans, even in such situations do not throw your team. Methods and techniques for predicting the different set up to probability theory for example in accordance with Bayes. But none of these methods can give a 100% positive impact in the analysis. Set of measures for making predictions for the football championship is different from the concrete and is not universal for each match in the championship – a total trend analysis to identify it is not possible – if the trend would exist, then the bookies would be in bankrupt. Much of the necessary statistical information does not fall to the fans of public review and means of mass media, every club and every business has its own secrets, hidden information, which is accessed only by people who are directly associated with one or another club – the sponsors worth noting a greater extent, the coaches of course, managers clubs, doctors, referees, sports publishing high-level sports columnists. Football is not just a sport and not just a platform for earnings, this is a whole planet of emotions of joy and happiness of a brilliant game and win a favorite team, as well as bitterness, resentment and the tears in the defeat of their stars, clubs, and millions of fans. Football is a business, bringing huge profits for the owners of clubs, a flood of passion and excitement, luck and good fortune, cold calculations splash in the sports betting on the outcome of games or championships. Predictions for the football games is one of the most popular services on the market sporting forecasts. What is the forecast for sport? This result of analysts, according to different features ranging from injuries, compositions, strategies, team meeting and ending with the air temperature during the event. Predictions for the football – is the result of Analysts taking into account the various backgrounds ranging from injuries, compositions, strategies, team meeting and ending with the air temperature during a soccer match.