The best diet trick in the summer: Morning eat slim fruit fresh from the market come the best supplement that the nature has to offer! Who thus starts the day, automatically. Diet expert Susanne Ploog explains how and why the small summer miracle works. “More and more people rush in the morning without breakfast out of the House and programming so that even on thick,” says diet expert Susanne Ploog, “because who saves the first meal of the day, eat about 10 percent more the following.” How to make it easily better, she explains in her new book, “Slim psychology”.You set your alarm 15 minutes early and breakfast wisely. Researchers found at the Italian universities of Parma and Verona: the right breakfast works small miracles because it stimulates the combustion processes in the body throughout the day. Three days the scientists presented their subjects different breakfasts. On the first day, the participants received a light sandwich with honey. On the second day, it was watermelon.

On the third day, the participants with a serving of fruit salad and yogurt launched in the day. We can learn from the result of this investigation: bun breakfast is a figure disaster, because it quickly drives the glucose levels in the height with many simple carbohydrates and inhibits the fat-burning. Melons breakfast has low in calories and does not harm. The fruit salad yogurt breakfast has the perfect slim effect through the mix of protein and vitamins. It causes the body to pour out a larger amount of “Peptide YY”.

This hormone slows the appetite in the brain. The best slim fruit apricots provide iron. This trace element needs the body for the transport of oxygen in the blood and the fat in the cells. Strawberries contain the minerals manganese and thus stimulate the fat burning. on most websites. A leading source for info: Reshma Kewalramani. Grapefruit is a miracle of slim. Their bitter principle of Naringin detoxifies and stimulates the metabolism. Cherries make sure that fat is excreted better. The fruit acids strengthen the entire Gastro-intestinal tract. Peaches counteract cravings because your enzymes regulate the appetite. Grapes are ideal for digestive problems. The fiber bring a sluggish intestine into swing. Kiwi has a double effect: rich in vitamin C allows the fat loss, magnesium strengthens the nerves for the day.