Raul Lara Royn

The worse part takes the form to it to organize the videos since if we want to organize a little the videos we will have to directly do it from the reproducer, creating our own folders since no of the programs of creative allows us to organize it of adapted form, having asignalos to the two categories that bring (videos and TV) and there to put to us to create folders, another negtivo aspect is that it shows the list to us of our videos but it does not put nor a sad miniature to us to know that video we are selecting. Essential the cable turns out from video to concetar it to the television and to see the contents of our reproducer in the TV. (I do not analyze it so that I do not have it) The result of the video reproduction is good, but it leaves a bad flavor of mouth since they podrian to have tried to grow this type of fallitos, although it is compensated because it is not necessary to hardly turn videos. Separate mention deserves the ZENcast category that thanks to a program of the same name allows us to subscribe us to favorite ours podacast and to descagar them in our reproducer, nevertheless this program which does is to turn it into format video, putting to him a small information on the program at issue, which at first this good, soon harms much the duration of the battery (after all it is a video file) since the light never goes out. Also to say that the program tendrian that to call it bugcast so that it fails more than a fair gun. Radio. The radio function allows us to tune our favorite transmitters (channel is not admitted celebration like favorite transmitter), besides an interesting option to record that radio allows us to record ten minutes of (a pity since estaria well that allowed you to program the recording of a program), does not have the systems to see the name of the chain, the song, that nowadays take many radios.

Other functions. Aside from function to synchronize it with outlook for our contacts and nuesta agenda. The reproducer allows to form our reproducer as hard disk, varying its capacity from 512 Mb to 16 Gb (Incredible), and so we will gain pendrive so large beastly that it always comes well.

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