63 professionals of the area of physical education had been searched, where all acted as personal to trainer, being 40 of masculine sex and 23 of the feminine sex. A questionnaire with eighteen 9 questions being question with three possibilities of answers, and 9 questions was filled with subjective answers. As inclusion criteria the interviewed ones would have to be people who acted in the aerial at least three years as PT and that they inhabited in the city of Rattlesnake. Criteria of exclusion that the professionals had performance with less than 3 years, and did not inhabit in the city of Rattlesnake. RESULTS AND QUARREL TABLE 1 remunerativo Value of the hour/lesson In the following one analyzes finds that the value charged for the professionals searched is of R$ 25,00 Reals, corresponds 37.80%, being the value of R$ 30,00 Reals that 26% of the searched total correspond, being in one measured of R$ 27,50 Reals. In the work carried through for Ratamess (2008) the results indicate that resistance training, under the supervision of a personal to trainer leads to a bigger value initial of force of 1RM, auto-election of bigger intensities of exercises and evaluations of values of bigger effort perceived during the resistance exercise.

The supervision of a personal to trainer indicates that the results can be reached fast more, through a lapsing of adjusted training, postural evaluation, corporal composition with this its price is a little more raised in comparison if it was to carry through the trainings without the supervision of a PT. Personal TABLE 2Os trainer that they carry through nutricional orientation. Individuals that train without nutricional orientation can carry through it in incorrect way, in inadequate amount and intensity and without the had preparation, what it can cause to damages the health instead of benefits 58% affirms that they carry through a nutricional orientation and 42% do not make it.