The important thing, says, is that they speak of one, although is bad. I prefer mainly that they speak well, of Salamanca. He is not the same being notifies by a riot in the jail of You run into, I take as example, that because a student of the USAL is distinguishedest of Spain. And Salamanca, unfortunately, needs that it is spoken much more of her, due to its geographic confinement, at the low level of rent, the lack of labor opportunities and the systematic forgetfulness on the part of the public administrations. For that reason, although one has been absent of the last cultural events, has followed with attention happening of the V edition of the Festival the International of the Arts that, by its same denomination, has forced to that the own informative means of Castile and Leon speak of him. This year has had other reasons for notoriety, clearly: from the work of the Perfume shops Reconciled of basketball, as always, although this year has not secured any title, until YOU, who got to head the table at some time. But all that, what they want that it says to them, is irrelevant, since never we will be a sport power, activity that requires hundreds of million that we do not have. However, the other the culture, the spectacle, the art is ours, although this critical year the budget has been reduced to half.

For this reason, I insist, is important that it is continued speaking of Salamanca like the European cultural capital that not it got sleepy after its fleeting success of 2002. Probably we will be exaggerating and it will not be for as much. Perhaps an avalanche of travellers has not taken place to enjoy just closed festival. Surely the number of 180,000 spectators is plus a desire that a reality, since it would suppose that the event has had so many participants as of the same country empadronados in the capital, that already that is to say. It gives equal me. The certain thing is that tomorrow, when Calixto Bieito present Don Carlos in Mannheim, will be known that the work was released previously in Salamanca, that Spanish city that welcomes the culture worldwide. And that, being one cultural city of reference, yes that does not have price.