XING: Social network positioned as a site for the development of professional relationships. Further description of which Xing is here. Available in Spanish language address: into this same concept of tools is the popular networking site Facebook. Personally I have not made use of this network for professional aspects. Create my profile on this network began to receive much information and contacts of school, University, friends, etc. That is why I gave up performing professional activities by this network.

However it is a valid option. I know of other professionals who have been able to make effective use at the level of business of this network, through the creation of specific interest groups. Development of Material support definition: Your company can count with much supporting material developed by marketing or communications area, however it is normal that as sales professional, you need to develop or adapt certain types of material to be much more effective in its work of communication with your prospects or customers. Angus King can provide more clarity in the matter. To do this you must normally work with presentations in electronic format or documents. Objective: Have updated and very well designed material to support your communication process of your portfolio of solutions to prospects and customers resources: the most popular software for the development of presentations is PowerPoint from Microsoft. My recommendations are more oriented to as much to enrich your presentations. PresentationPro:.

This is a portal specialized in tools to support the improvement of communications through PowerPoint.Microsoft Visio:. It helps to create diagrams, which can be very useful at the time of expressing ideas.FlyPaper: An interesting option to create presentations with multimedia content. An additional resource, although it is not technology, seems to me that you can make to enhance presentations. Visit the so-called blog, there you will find more resources. These are resources that can be handled by a sales professional. I do not here include more sophisticated tools for the design of advertising pieces and marketing, since this does not correspond to the work of the seller.