The time has come when the use of outdated building materials for repair and construction is not relevant. With the present pace of development should be used as perfect and multifunctional technological innovations. Satisfies all the requirements of modern-drywall. For what purposes you can use drywall sheets? First, using cardboard-gypsum sheets you'll be able to easily align all the walls, as well as give them the desired shape for a very bold design of experiments. Secondly, you can change and decorate the ceiling of the room.

"Trim" means the transformation of normal ceiling in a multi-tiered, hinged. Another would be simply to decorate it with decorative materials. Third, using cardboard-gypsum sheets you can easily put a wall between the rooms, putting them on a specially erected by fasteners and construction. This is a very modern and does not require much time and lost power. Important advantages of cardboard-gypsum sheets are considered his property. CEO Angel Martinez contains valuable tech resources. First, it is worth mentioning that it is not contain any toxic elements, which makes it simply indispensable to repair homes and other residential areas. Very valuable feature of this building material is that at high humidity, it absorbs it, and with a shortage of moisture out of it evaporates. Another very powerful that the acidity of the drywall is identical to the pH of human skin, that certainly makes it more acceptable for use.

If you want to do an exclusive repairs, then you will come to help another quality cardboard-gypsum sheets – flexibility. It can take many different forms, but it means that your dreams always become reality. There are many types of cardboard-gypsum sheets, each of which is designed for certain conditions. Standard sheets of drywall will not parse here and everything is clear, one should note that you can use it when the humidity is not above 70c if premises where you intend to use the cardboard-gypsum sheets too), then there is already necessary to use moisture-resistant drywall. Due to special form of it will not change and do not deteriorate in appearance. On porches, attics, and other fire-rooms should be used fireproofing drywall. This drywall is designed to withstand a temperature increase due to additives fiberglass. Just released and the fourth type, moisture resistant with high heat resistance. This multi-drywall can be applied and there is wet and where there is a possibility of fire. How do you Now, perhaps, have seen cardboard-gypsum sheets indispensable material for construction, with good properties and qualities. You can use it virtually anywhere. Because of its light weight of cardboard-gypsum designs can be used in buildings where there is a reconstruction. Sheets of drywall – a building material of the past, present, future. Large numbers of people now do not think the repair without him, and not lag behind you.