The Karlsruhe cosmetic and wellness Studio offers discount on all 15prozent * until the end of November including the French plants cosmetics of brand Sothys more and more people pay attention when shopping on the origin of the ingredients, for example, of food. But also in the cosmetics sector awareness of a natural, biological-ecological origin of products has increased strongly. The award-winning French cosmetic brand Sothys offers exactly that: high-quality plant cosmetics with natural ingredients from organic farming. Body & beauty lounge there is a 15% discount on all until end of November * treatments and products. Products of Sothys are all ingredients of natural origin and organically”, the Managing Director of body & beauty lounge and qualified beautician Camilo-Kaaya knows.

In your cosmetics and wellness Studio in the Kaiserstrasse offers all treatments with products of the French company of tradition for some time. For over 60 years apply the products worldwide in this Spa Hotel, beauty farm and beauty salons. The beauty garden care range is particularly popular. All products in this series are the bio-certified ECOCERT certified and do not contain parabens or Phenoxyethanol. Cherry buds, Angelika and Hawthorn extracts are used. The formula the developer of Sothys resorted to old French knowledge of medicinal herbs. For example an anti aging is believed to effect the contained essential rosemary oil.

The packaging also meets the natural claim. Bottles, tubes and vials are made of recyclable materials. The cartons come from sustainably managed forests and are printed with vegetable-based inks. Not only female customers are pampered in the body & beauty lounge with Sothys products. Sothys Homme comes also the men’s skin in the enjoyment of the natural care of France. The products from the Homme series are specifically tailored to the needs of men’s skin. They contain the substance Phytomalt, a Scottish whisky malt extract. That men like to hear skincare with whiskey! “, laughs Camilo-Kaaya. Malt contains many proteins, amino acids, sugar and starch as well as various vitamins and minerals. It is suitable for its anti-inflammatory and moisturizing properties especially for man’s skin stressed by shaving. The discount of 15% on everything * “in the body & beauty lounge Karlsruhe runs until the end of November.” The discount applies to all facial and body treatments, as well as the cosmetics and toiletries of company Sothys. The programme of metabolic balance is excluded from the action. * except metabolic balance the body & beauty lounge Karlsruhe has the body & beauty lounge in June 2010 opening, beauty treatments and weight loss programs in the Karlsruhe since downtown. The offer in addition to massage and training, as well as programs to remove permanent hair removal with IPL technology or wax also wrinkle reduction and acne treatment. To the Be to use high-quality cosmetics of Sothys French plants cosmetics brand. The six-person team of Spa therapists, diploma fitness economists, diploma personal trainers and beauticians will advice and assistance to the page with all questions.