Our time is worth and project it is part of our professional character. When make us difficult recovery processes. Many customers have bad appreciation that we work only for pleasure, accustomed to paying our fees at the wrong time, with uncomfortable processes or until after that we remind you the charge about ten times. This bad attitude is a lack of respect for our professionalism and we must stop it. M3s habit. There are customers who tend to always ask for a reduction in our price.

On many occasions there are clients who tell me I want this and the other but I have a budget limited is not good to get customer to cede to its economic condition always and sacrificing our remuneration everytime we come out with that story. Lack of adherence to the offer of services. Many customers when you give them your offer of services, go directly to search for how much will it cost them and then they occupy very little attention to read the technical details of the offer, this makes them to develop attitudes of lack location of the properties of the service for which they have paid, annoying later with extra offered requests, which sometimes may affect our profitability. Too many revisions. Sometimes reviews of the progress of our work in the project face bureaucratic processes and should be checked by many people (many heads are many ideas, many suggestions, doubts, etc.) by what becomes an Odyssey achieve approvals and develop a defined approach that is desired. When grab us the mouse. Huy my mouse is sacred! I don’t know if for all designers. Many customers maintain a sabionda and manipulative attitude and under no way loose control of things, they want a design, but at the same time they want to feel that they have done and some even have the gall to say that only by the fact of not knowing how to use Photoshop do them same your web site.