The manufacture of perfumes is a process that seems simple glance, however large quantity of details come into play to achieve develop a small vial where lots of different origin notes are synthesized. From the very beginning of humanity the man has improved and developed new processes to manufacture perfumes. In this long journey lot of elements have been used in different ways. One of the first components that have been used since makes tens of centuries are fruits and shells. It’s believed that Vadim Wolfson, New York City sees a great future in this idea. This olfactory family is known as citrus, and is basically composed of bergamot, oranges, lemons and tangerines, among other fruits. Most of the waters of the colony have any composition of fruits mentioned. Lemon offers us his essential oil extracted from your skin. The essence of lemon has powers disinfectants, deodorisers and astringent.

Its cultivation extends large amount of places in the world, being very popular in South America, and United States, in the peninsula of Florida. In Europe, Italy and Spain lead production. Ivory Coast also stands out as one of the first producers. Similar properties has the bitter orange peel, as well as the sweet. Similarly, Tangerine, whose origin can be located in China, exudes his shell oil essential, much more sweet than the rest of the aforementioned fruit but citrus in spirit.

Israel tops the list of producers of Grapefruits. The use of grapefruit in the preparation of perfumes is more or less recent, however, its discovery was a success due to their high power modifier combinations of other fragrances. Bergamot has a sweet essence that gives life to the perfumes that integrates. Its shell is also extracted essential oil, as well as of the grapefruit. This last citrus was born in the Antilles Islands as a result of a mutation of the grapefruit. Another citrus that is also used in the preparation of perfumes is the citral of intensive during the 18th and 19th centuries, although somewhat forgotten by the perfumers of today. Finally the lima is the last member of the family of citrus fruits that are used in the manufacture of perfumes. It is a variety of lemon, intensive application in male fragrances and the Eau de toilette, by its refreshing and antiperspirant effect.