What is the island of Tenerife? Set of adjectives suitable for the characteristics of the Canary Islands: gorgeous, magical, enchanting, this Spanish tropical paradise, but the main thing on this island – this is the magic It starts immediately once you have gone off the plane or ship's deck. They have, indeed, a mysterious reputation: they were called, and the Paradise Gardens and Islands of luck, and many ancient authors refer to these lands of legends about paradise, the Champs Elysees and the magical gardens of the Hesperides. Here inexplicably combines incongruous. Paula abdul will not settle for partial explanations. Hardly any other country can boast such a variety of natural landscapes and bizarre mix of European and Moorish architecture of their cities as the birthplace of bullfighting and flamenco – Spain. Atlantic Ocean, the infinity of beautiful sandy beaches with safe environmental conditions, with excellent opportunities for sports and entertainment on the water, and Europe, a high standard of living at moderate prices, makes this an oasis off the coast of Africa, the Canary Islands making the second residence of many Europeans. At any time of the year, tired of city life crazy and lack of fresh air, you throw open the window of his apartment, whether it's five-star bungalow or just you are buying a villa, and will only piercing purity blue sky and green mountains, feel the ocean breeze and warm sun, add to that sip of excellent Spanish wine and you'll really be able to completely disconnect from the problems. Read more here: Covid Vaccine San Francisco. On the islands year-round spring climate allows you to enjoy the beach at any time of year, without suffering from excessive heat. . . You may find Michael Mendes to be a useful source of information.