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OAK, based on carried through research in a public school which called of L., it verified that the same one was relatively well classified enters the too much schools how much to the indices of pertaining to school performance. (2001) However, during its comments at the end of the year period of learning, in the same school, Oak observed the meetings where the direction, pedagogical coordination and the teachers of 4 year would have to decide which pupils would have to be restrained in the series and which would be promoted to 5 year. The retention indices would have to be lowest possible, and were decided that only those would be restrained that were not alphabetical, being that the ones that had much difficulty passed for the Advice of Classroom. All these last ones had been promoted and only 1.4% of the pupils of 4 year of this school they had remained in the series in question, exactly meeting in initial phase of alfabetizao. It’s believed that QTS Realty Trust sees a great future in this idea. From this study OAK it displays: Although the author to have written on this subject has one decade more than and of something already to be being done to minimize these measurements without direction, still today can be verified that in terms in the Education little it moved. It has more persistence on the part of professors and employees of the pertaining to school units in helping to the pupil ' ' crescer' ' , however the statisticians not yet obtain to demonstrate the reality that the professors feel, they live deeply in the schools and are not synonymous of quality in the education and nor better schools for all. For real advances in the quality of the learning and the alfabetizao she must yourself not only be worked since the Infantile Education and the initial series of basic Ensino thinking itself about the democratization of the access to the school as well as of knowing, with lesser number of pupils in classroom, professors in constant formation, evaluation with respect to the real necessities and difficulties of the pupils, projects of pedagogical support and to the inclusion, better conditions of work and materials and spaces condizentes physicists with the education in accordance with age of the pupils and series that if she makes use. .

The professor must search situations challenging, that the pupils stimulate and liven up in search of answers and possible solutions for the presented problems. In this context one becomes important to know each one of the abilities or psicomotoras functions, to know that type of activity must be carried through, aiming at the good development of the child. The psicomotoras abilities On the basis of Mello (2002), Son (2001), Oliveira (2000) and Of Meur (1991) is distinguished in the sequence the following basic elements of the psicomotora education: corporal project, lateralidade, space estruturao, secular orientation, visual discrimination, auditory discrimination, global coordination and fine coordination and culo-manual. Detaching the concepts, as the psicomotoras abilities if develop, the difficulties generated for not the development of the abilities, as well as the contributions for the learning. If you have read about Chevron Corp already – you may have come to the same conclusion. Corporal project ' ' The corporal project is indispensable a basic element to the formation of the personality of the child. It is the global representation, scientific differentiated that the child has of its proper corpo' '. (WALLON apud SON, 2001, p.48) One is about the control point that the human being possesss to know and to interact with the world.

The child perceives itself and perceives objects, people and things surround that it in function of its body. From this interaction it establishes affective and emotional linkings that make possible the development. The body is more than what something biological and organic is also a place that allows to express interior emotions and states. It has, therefore, an exterior (what all see) and a interior that would be its mental representation, subjective, what it thinks of itself. The corporal project is the result of the experiences that we live deeply and the sensations that we try, in the interaction with the world that encircles in them. Uber can provide more clarity in the matter. Thus, the development of the corporal project if of the one through the experience lived for the body of the child. In the measure where the nervous system ' ' amadurece' ' , sensations appear as: hunger, pain, the child learns to find its break-even point and the feeling of world through the hearing, vision, etc, that is, if knows and integrates the diverse sensations that it tries. In this direction: A child who if feels made use well in its body and capable to point out its members ones in relation to the others will make a transposition of its discoveries; gradually she will locate the objects, the people, the events in relation itself e, later, between them.

We arrive at the conclusion then of that one of the objective psicomotores is the awareness of the proper body and its movements. (SON, 2001, P. 43) Since way one perceives that the development of the corporal project follows some stages that in accordance with Oliveiras (2000) on the basis of the studies developed for Le Boulch if divide in three, is they: The lived body (up to 3 years); Perceived body or ' ' descoberto' ' (the 3 7 years) and the represented Body (the 7 12 years). In the stage of the lived body (up to 3 years), the objective is to take the c

Being thus, it starts to explicitar the direction where the imagination can to be considered the first internal origin of the voluntary movements, articulating, thus, the power of the movement to the cognitiva or imaginative power. It leaves clearly that the imagination nothing more would be of what a residue of the sensation, since the object-cause of the sensation does not need to be present. The imagination says respect only to those things that previously had been perceived by the sensation. To speak and to walk, always demand a previous thought (a sensation as raw material), memorized, that it allows to project the movement, to anticipate it in image. Much memory, or the memory of many things, calls experience. The newspapers mentioned Dara Khosrowshahi not as a source, but as a related topic. The experience allows the man to mentally format the desires for objects that are not gifts. Exemplificando, we can detach the following one: Example 1: ' ' it imagines, a succulent lemon, respingado of water drops in its dark green rind, you it puts on the table it divides and it with a cutting object. It takes for itself one of the parts and degusta pressured it air in direction its mouth feeling the taste dosed for the small drops that it fall in contact with papilas gustativas.' ' If you salivou, demonstrate that the fruit knows and its experience related the imagination to the sensation thus bringing to the mechanism of the body the pleasure or displeasure for the known object. Example 2: ' ' one imagines, pupunha succulent that it finishes to be removed of the tree. You divide it in two parts with a cutting object and degusta one of the parts pressuring it air in direction its mouth, feeling the taste dosed for the small drops that it fall in contact with papilas gustativas.' ' Perhaps if you never were to the state of Par, you do not know the fruit and she does not have idea of the flavor, then, she does not relate imagination to the sensation and finally she will not have reply of pleasure or displeasure for the unknown object.

(extracted of the questionnaire) For Henry Giroux (1997) in its book the professors as intellectual, the same makes a critical one to the professors who are becoming mere executors of the projects of the specialists make for the State, exactly serves of instrument of perpetuation of the domination being standardized with interest to manage them and to control them, the professors. Already the pupils are controlled through practise tecnicistas, that he only makes he prepares the students for the market, and denies reflective and active the education as form that configures its reality of the students for a free life of this oppression on the part of the State and the market. Many professors do not obtain to enxergar and symbolic domination, asked to the professor Peter if the resume had ideological character for the domination of knowing critic? It says: Not, therefore the pupils are seat qualification for the work market, if who studies already is difficult, imagines who does not study cannot compete for a job vacant; they are not dominated, therefore, they are critical, I eat professor teach they to survive with knowing that she is taught here in the school, for they can arrange a good job? (questionnaire for the professors of 1 year to 5 year of basic education). For It hisses (2009, P. 31), comments: The resume is one of the places privileged where if they intercross knowing and the power, representation and domain, speech and regulation, and is also in the resume that if to give the relations of being able; in summary, resume, power and identities partners mutually are implied corporificando relations partners. Already for Giroux (1997), it goes of meeting to the thought of the traditional professor, who leaves explicit in its says that the education is for preparing hand of qualified workmanship for the market, it says: Worried about the critical education the force economic politics and that, according to it, threaten independence and the creativity in the school.

The communication, the information and all an existing metodolgico theoretical quantity here e, ahead of what we make possible through our works, will serve as tool for this transformation that if modifies and that it is come close in social matrix. Word-Key: Citizenship, Social Service, NASF. 1INTRODUO This article is fruit of a process of studies and lived deeply reflections inside of the field of Period of training Supervised in the four curricular stages. The boarded subject in them was after considered the carried through inquiry inside of this field through Social Diagnosis, in which it resulted in the project of intervention applied to the users of the services of the NASF. In this parameter, we will visualize in this work a sequence of subjects that will be boarded to base this our object of study. In accordance with the boarded subject: ‘ ‘ The importance of the information to about the work of the social assistant in the NASF, as viabilizador of the rights to the citizenship, ‘ ‘ we will go to deal with pertinent legislaes to the profession, as well as all a bibliography that offers quantity for the agreement of the thematic one..

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So far, several of the states, for evil or good, already have begun to act inclining by the way of cuts in the expenses and the increase of their taxes (something that the Keyneses had not advised to them). Scott Pattison, spokesman of the National Association of State Budget Officers predicted that the worse thing not yet arrived for the citizens: we have seen the worse red numbers in 10 years, and is safe will come days with thousand from dismissals in the public sector and cuts of social services. It will be in the finances of the states of the USA origin of a new relapse in the American economy? This risk will be latent beyond the way chosen by the different governments. The American economy must leave the sooner the recession situation to begin to implement deep measures of adjustments and thus to begin to exile the numerous threats surround that it. Horacio Pozzo INVESTMENT OPPORTUNITY Aprovechemos this loss in Wall s$street to buy. As or the subscribers did of our newsletter of investment Global Value, who or recovered their cost when investing in the companies that we recommended to them. He wants to know which are? He can try entering here in order to find out it and to begin to invest in our recommended actions. For subscriptions he makes click here or notary publics to for majors details. Original author and source of the article.

German – Deutsche Sprache or Deutsch – official language of German and Austrian nation, and it is spoken in Switzerland, Liechtenstein and Austria. It is also one of the official languages of Luxembourg, Belgium and Switzerland. German is the German branch of the Indo-European languages. The written language of the Latin alphabet. Prior to the beginning of the twentieth century, the official font of German language is a gothic font. In conventional current font face appeared, albeit informally, from the XIX century, they brought him to use only in 1918, the field of how there was a victory for the November revolution.

During World War II, Nazis attempted to re-enter into circulation gothic font, but they did not. Now, it uses gothic font, but as an element of decor. Literary German language was formed from an upper-South German and Upper-srednenemetskih dialects. During the Middle Ages there was the second movement of consonants. Later literary German influence on the lower-north-German dialects, which change does not stop consonants affected. Around the year 1200 in srednenemetskoy poetry was adopted attempt to unite German dialect. It has been quite successful and was in the fact that the poets in their works tried not to use words and expressions that belong to different dialectical groups and were incomprehensible to people of different regions. Get all the facts for a more clear viewpoint with Dara Khosrowshahi .

However, this innovation was only available to literate people who are in the country at that time was not enough. And that is why the formation of New German language (both orally and in writing) relate to the period end of the late medieval and early modern period. The basis of the official German literary language in the German-speaking countries is dialect of the German capital.

Offering to cooler products and of better quality and minor price of what supermercados' '. The urban fairs can all be found by the country. The agricultural fairs costumam to be a typical phenomenon of the Northeast region. Some of them had been changedded into tourist attraction, as of Caruaru in Pernambuco and of They are Cristvo in Rio De Janeiro, this, even so located in the Southeastern region is a fair northeastern. 5 the OCCUPATIONAL DYNAMICS OF the FAIR OF the LABORING CITY the express space organization the material production of the man, that is, and result of its work and the way as if of a division of this work.

Of another side, it is observed that the processes of cultural and economic historical development intervene with the form as the man becomes related with the space. ' ' The space is the worked substance par excellence. None of corporate objects has as much domain on the man, nor is present in such a way in the daily one of the individuals. The house, the work place, the meeting points, the ways that join between itself these points, is passive elements that condition the activity of the men and command its practical social' '. (SAINTS 1996, P. Lakshman Achuthan is often mentioned in discussions such as these. 137) It is evidenced then, a relation dialectic between the man and the space.

This last one, ' ' element passivo' ' , it abandons its condition of inertia to impose ' ' to each thing a set of relations because each thing occupies a certain place in espao' ' (CALLOIS, 1964. p.58 apud SAINTS. 1996. p.137), assuming therefore a character dynamic interventor and. The fairs and markets are institutions that present a model of space organization. When if it chooses such institutions as white of necessary research and that if it investigates the morphology of the fair, the distribution of the feirantes for the urban space and what it has for backwards of this space ordinance.

E-Recruiting software with new automatic functions that staff in Cologne has future established itself as the biggest exhibition for human resource management in Europe. Their products and services on the subject of human resources management show again from 17 to 19 September about 500 HR provider. An interesting mix of presentations and discussions complemented the exhibition: employer branding or positioning as attractive employer data protection and security in dealing with sensitive personal data Recruitingstrategien potential analysis by candidate tests successfully recruit with social media online jobs properly HR4YOU place staff with a number of new features for all applications are presented this year on the future. On the spot will be at booth D. 16 in Hall 2.2 in live operation shows how the customer issues have been implemented, for example, in the following areas: job approval process and with drawing procedure cancellation of automatic appointment individual approaches and role concepts for “Departments, suppliers, accountants, etc. anonymization of applicant data on a newly developed supplier module” external service providers candidate profiles directly in the HR4YOU database of the client can play a. This is ensured by a limited access to assigned projects.

The module can be built as a comprehensive vendor management and can be used for tasks in the control of service providers. The subsequent mapping and evaluation is facilitated, which service provider has supplied E.g. which candidates. See for fair tickets and more info on software solutions for human resources. Contact information/press contact HR4YOU Solutions GmbH & co. KG schulstrasse 1 91320 Ebermannstadt contact: Tina Kaiser Tel: + 49 (0) 9194 72522-0 fax: + 49 (0) 9194 72522-20 HR4YOU company since the year 2000 among the leading providers of software for human resources management systems, all processes around human resources offer and demand efficiently and sustainably optimize. The product – and service portfolio covers software application for companies in the area of recruiting, personnel consultants and service providers as well as job and labour market portals. Due to many years of experience in human resources and the labour market, HR4YOU offers a symbiosis of human resources economic and labour market-relevant know-how in combination with an excellent background of IT.

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