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Once the package is on the router is connected to a computer that receives the data packet will be transmitted on this computer. Due to some technical features easier to break up large blocks of data into small portions, each of which sent their own, separate package. In this way the packets on networks may vary. Some of them may be lost or corrupted, and need to re-transmission of several packages. The recipient collects all the packets and receives the desired information. To implement these activities is used Protocol TCP – Transmission Control Protocol (Transmission Control Protocol). Since the Internet protocols TCP and IP are used together, then we say that the protocol works TCP / IP.

Of course, the successful operation of the Internet is not necessarily aware of work protocols. However, you may be interested to know how the Internet. Let's try to explain the workings of TCP / IP protocols with enough conventional example. Assume that you want to transfer information from one computer connected to the Internet to another computer. The TCP breaks the data into portions and their numbers, that when a can correctly collect the information.

Just when disassembling the wooden frame are numbered logs to quickly assemble a home elsewhere. Next, using the IP protocol all parts are transferred to the recipient. For TCP it does not matter in what way information travels over the Internet, this protocol deals with IP. Similarly, as the transport of individual numbered timber, no matter which way they were being taken.

Opportunity and failure. Make a multilevel, is a very good business idea that can generate you millions. Business and traditional business can generate you good revenue although millionaires unless you have a transnational or an excellent franchise, the problem is not that you should invest millions. In some MLM companies, Network Marketing, it is possible that in about 5 years you can win $100,000 or $150,000 monthly, others maybe more time, but in my opinion is a long time to reach that amount. On the other hand a good MLM company should give it in maximum 2 years. I have been seeing in recent months many people that are good for this industry that dedicate you time and effort, that learn the business but unfortunately are in companies that are not entering and where they are working a lot and they are gaining very little being that there are companies where you work equal or less and get much more, because of better compensation plans and freedom from dealers to move in the systemapply strategies and go forward in range investing if they so want the minimum and not an increase in the consumption depending on the reached range, etc.

Also it is super important that your team not only leave you and will help you to build your business, your sponsor (upline) than a responsible sponsor, as well as teach you the business will help you to grow as a person, your mentality, your financial intelligence, etc. I know other multilevel which are very happy people, who have 3 years on business and that finally after much effort, sell like crazy product managed a residual of about $30,000 pesos income monthly and with that occur by well served because they don’t know that you have chosen well your company they might be winning triple. CHOOSE well your company, costs the same time and effort to create a network in any MLM, the difference is that in each earn $30,000 and in other $100,000.


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Is not a question of saying: already not I deal with things because it exists only the now. Do not. You should start by finding what is most important and get of the now your friend, not your enemy. seize the opportunity that gives us. Admit it, honor it. When the now is the Foundation and the main core of your life, it unfolds with ease. Significant MUS, when are points out, that we are not responsible definitely life until we are responsible of this moment, in the now.

This is that in the now is the only place where there is life. Responsibility for this moment means not oppose internally the quality the now, not arguing with what is. It means staying aligned with life. The now is as it is because it cannot be otherwise. Now physicists confirm what Buddhists have always known: there are no things or isolated events. Below surface appearances, all things are interconnected, are part of the totality of the cosmos that has produced the form that takes this moment in the now we must express ourselves as being gorgeous, awake, using our potential; expressing us with joy, smiling easily. Shining in our light, it is the opportunity that is giving us. Do not forget, that the present is the only thing that really exists and is real.

What you’re experiencing at this very moment. Right now! As soon as you get close to this moment from the mind already has become in the in what was last. To really live the present must learn how to live from the heart, let the heart sends over mind trusting your intuition, embrace the unknown. Those who manage to make the most of the present are those people who are left to flow has been written and is known, that most of the people just lives or enjoying the present, are much of the time mentally trapped in the past by analyzing and continuously reliving what was.

Zara home and its line of home accessories is a good example of how we can find in one place glamor, good care, an admirable variety and fair prices. It is not that the firm acknowledged in his name is actually the only one that offers this kind of attention and opportunities. Nor will it exalt too much what Zara has always had as a basic strategy of attention and business. So many opportunities to find these articles with good prices if it weren’t for basic proposals such as the Zara could not be regroup elsewhere. Zara home line is being fairly well understood and accepted by many buyers and several buyers who are leaving a great impression in what has to see its possibilities of purchase and Exchange. It is that you it’s a business that actually knows the customer and detects its basic intentions of purchase with much intelligence and resources.

It is more; We can be convinced, and convinced that these references are filled with quality and, above all, we will have a good attention that will achieve clear us all our doubts and main contradictions between our primary and adjacent tastes. Zara rhymes with House, and if we stick to this as simple, we can say that Zara wants everyone to sit at home. This is of further evidence on you measure that we can interact directly with the business. Now, not only it’s a revival of the economy through the offer of home services and items of the same expression. It is something that has to do with the coordination of processes that involve the client in a more familiar way. Likewise, we could ensure that if not because it has this way of serving people, it would be one shop.

Certification is another wonderful feature that directly involves the intentions of Zara Home. For this reason, it is that there are many formulas of warranty can apply decisively towards many businesses and services that are fairly requested in one way or another. But often happens that there are people who think that only say yes or because they believe respond very well to others, is that already it can be considered a good service as such. Not so, however, because all purchase processes in what you have to do the home fairs have their particular process. And this process reaches a good integration of business opportunities and services as only Zara Home may provide it. Increasingly are encouraged for the workers of Zara to connect with an audience that actually need to see better attended. Of course, each person has a particular idea of what it means to be well served or served.

It’s amazing in as almost without realizing account have opened almost miraculously the doors to opportunities for ordinary people to develop their creativity, thanks to new tools that provide us with new technologies. Today, having access to the Internet we can give impetus to our passions, creating sites and electronic products. Whatever our interest, even without knowing too much of the same, we can access information, analyze it, draw our own conclusions and translate it into a site designed to your liking, attract traffic and develop a unique product and according to the demands of our visits, which does not hesitate to buy it by the confidence generated towards the author. Writing enthusiasts are one of the areas most benefited by these new technologies, since today, unimaginable a few years ago ago, you can edit, publish and sell their own work digital with almost no expense. You can already see in statistics as it has grown way razing the use and the sale of electronic books. Because they do not occupy space, are more cheap, we can read them on our screen in the size that we want, and we can even upload them to our Ipod almost without occupying space, and be able to choose between amounts of works, which will be which will read on the bus or in the square. This creates the writer enthusiasm and encouragement of self-improvement and the possibility of arriving to live thanks to his own creation.

We are coming to the end of the year and like any cycle that closes it is almost certain that many of us feel tired and with little energy. Stress is the word star of this era and is very likely that it has seized our minds and bodies, while some breakdowns have been presented in our lives inviting us to stop, to reflect, to touch bottom. In this moment of nerves, worries, stress, fatigue, I suggest that you do a high to meet with yourself. Tranquility you are looking for even a few minutes to talk to your inner self and ask how do you feel now? What do you feel that you are missing your life? What happened to you in this 2008 is what you wanted? But, do you think that you happened to give you these results? How you did, participated or did let? What were your roles, behaviors and attitudes that influenced to make happen what happened is positive or negative? Would you like to go next year? You’ve begun to think about what your dreams are and what goals would you like to achieve in 2009? What are you waiting for to think about it and above all, write down it? This is a good time to pull down the belief that the time of end of the year is a time of boredom that we want it to dilute as soon as possible. Let’s tell us another story. This time can be as you choose to be. Here I’ll give you some tips that you can implement to make this season one of the best of the year: 1) test start by any change. Choose renew you, put you in action! Concentrate on those things that make you well, that light up your passion. What they most like to do? What you enjoy most in life? It is not necessary that you undertake great movements, perhaps with a small action you can do a lot and you’ll feel better with you same and you renew your energy and with it will come the desire and motivation to travel these past months in fullness.

63% Of Spaniards do not know English and 25.5% of those who are part of that group and assures having sense adversely affected by the situation of inequality that this generates them, both in the professional field studies. These are the results of a survey conducted by the Centro de Investigaciones sociologicas (CIS) to 2,500 people over 18 years, data were disseminated in El in March this year. The results of the latest barometer of the CIS, picked up only 22.9% of polled citizens considers able to speak and write in English, while 50.3% of them considered that learning a foreign language is very important and 40.8% consider that enough. These appreciations are an indication that speaking English is increasingly necessary for labour and academic level. And that the possibility of learning this language translates into better opportunities for personal and professional growth. Why is that people of all ages are now interested in learning the language.

Answer English encourages the learning of other languages and promotes one of the best alternatives to study and incorporate the language in an effective way: study languages abroad. For the youngest, Answer English scholarship MEPSYD (MEC scholarships Ex) system recommended the programme is aimed at young people aged between 18 and 29 who wish to study languages abroad. But there is not only this option, AE has a broad range of courses and destinations for all ages and according to each specific need. In addition, all packages have one lower cost to 1700 Euros. It is a great opportunity to realize an effective and at the same time learning experience, a totally rewarding trip.

The Agency offers free advice to students from the moment they decide to travel to study a language abroad until they return to their homes. They are advised and accompanied in everything from the choice of the best school shown for each up to about the accommodation and the best places to discover the city and exit with friends. Join the percentage of Spaniards who speak English. He travels, learns and multiplies your chances. Without any doubt, few choices are as effective to speak the language of Shakespeare as travel to learn English in England. With the MEC scholarships English London either younger or to take courses for professional and adultos(mas informacion en Answer English).

In the society that we live in today, communicate fluently in English opens up a wide range of opportunities, new possibilities professional, social, and knowledge. To communicate efficiently and safely allows students, little by little, to develop a new skill which is also the key that will open the doors of numerous possibilities in any part of the world. Whether in the room of a directory of companies, a magazine, on a journey of pleasure or business in any foreign country, or perhaps in any meeting with family, friends or partners at work. Something important highlight, it is that begin English courses one can emphasize different options, for example if you are looking for is doing English courses abroad today there are a wide variety of institutes both in England and in the United States or Canada that offer intensive Spanish courses for foreigners who wish to stay a while in their countries. Another option are the language courses for executives, in this case the courses are oriented to an audience and more specific needs, highlighting the importance of topics such as leadership, motivation, and market.

All these courses of English and especially those made in countries where the official language is English, they have as main characteristic, highlight not only the learning of the language but also the know the local geography, customs and its people. This is what makes so rich in content to this type of courses, which adapt to the possibilities and needs every student in particular. On the other hand, nowadays there are many institutions that allocate scholarships and facilities to perform this type of course, only a matter of having the necessary skills and the desire to improve every day.

I think in the last call I had with my father: – I am tired, already I can not even go to the single bathroom, I pray to God every day that leave me to walk again – okay, Dad answer but why don’t ask you that more beyond that you walk or not, fill your heart of peace. What good that you come back to walk but not would you rather be filled with peace, walk or not to walk? Ask for peace in your heart I send a kiss dad and always remember that I love you. Today is at peace; the opportunity to tell you how much I have loved I happy to know that I had and send a kiss on my last words. Three fundamental things my father taught me: love unconditionally. His best example were the six decades that I love my mother. Be honest. Never stole a weight even though it would have been needed. Be generous.

He always had something to give. I invite you to reflect on the unconditional love; We all love, but we don’t always give us the opportunity to say it in time and give them a kiss to those who want to. Share our affections and let them know in time. Take care of those we love while they live far away of reprimand us his absences when they departed. What enjoyable it can be to love and look at what we have learned in the journey to side of who we love seems important to Me that another act of love is to let him leave; celebrate by not seeing you continue to suffer. Today my father is surely better. I am grateful to life the privilege of having had my hand all the time that was with me. Rest in peace!

Tired of showing you opportunities to work from home that do not deliver what they promise, that don’t work or that was simply another waste of time and money? Good thinking in this situation that occurs on the internet, we provide three key tips that you should take into account at the time you decide to work from home. The key to making money online is knowing how and where to start. Work from home does not mean that the work is less professional, to the contrary implies develop some discipline and consistency if you want to generate a good amount of money and a steady income that can become your primary income. Without the right starting point you will waste precious time and a lot of money. A_continuacion you list characteristics that you should keep in mind when finding and choosing an opportunity to work from home: 1) the company or company: If decide to work from home providing the services and/or products supplied by a company and / or company, you should do a deep analysis of the professionalism and experience of undertaking, the trajectory in the market and the professional support in the provision of services and/or products, equally if you decide to offer them directly should try to maximize provide such professionalism because you’re a company for the final consumer.

(2) The product and/or service: should be considered as a very important point when it comes to start working from home, here is the heart of your business if the product or service you offer has good acceptance and complies with the expectations that the customer is looking for, you have a large percentage of assured triumph, we must never forget that working from home should be like any traditional business with much responsibility if you want to that your venture progresses and finally to be profitable. 3) Las trends: The trend that occurs at the time that your you decide to start your project with working from home, it is a point of great importance in your analysis, there are currently several tendencies worthy of having in account when considering working from home, one of them is the constant growth of active users of the internet, is a trend that is growing exponentially in recent years and this growth according to experts would continue in the coming years. Another trend to consider is the thousands of people who every day decide to start a business online or work from home, this is a market in constant growth if we bear in mind that there are millions of people who require information, services and tools to develop their activities in the network, because we must not forget that at last the internet users that search is information and this in itself is a great trend. If your goal is to achieve an income stream in the internet and work from home, you should get started now to gather more complete on the subject, to help you with this here tells you where you can find a free guide that will serve you well in your new adventure. Recommendation: If you want to obtain constant Internet income and get trained as a professional online business, completely free calls your report confidential as work from home.

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