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If you feel with doubts about whether or not the MLM is a fraud, it is probably because you were invited to a talk which showed you some products and told you how you could earn good money with them, or even achieve financial freedom and make your dreams reality. At the end of this article not only you will know if the Multilevel (MLM) is a fraud or not, but also know how to differentiate between a scam and a legitimate business opportunity today there are companies (like Herbalife, Amway, Mary Kay, Omnilife, Usana, Organo Gold) which sold hundreds or even thousands of dollars a year through the multilevel system. The question is: are these multilevel companies a fraud? The answer is that these are legally established companies, they pay taxes and their marketing system is allowed by practically all the countries of the mundobajo the category of direct selling. Even in some countries such as USA and Spain there are specific rules to regulate systems Multilevel. But… Not MLM is one of these pyramids? You must first understand that the pyramids Yes are a fraud and even are illegal in major countries of the world. Now, what is the difference? What is the difference between a MLM and pyramid? The difference lies in the sale of a product (or service).

In the pyramids all you must do is recruit or invite people into the pyramid for a fee (usually $ 1000 or more) which gives you the right to earn a percentage of the fee paid by others who are entering the pyramid. As you can see, there is NO sale of goods or services in the pyramids, profits come directly from the money that people pay to belong to the pyramid. While in MLM (Network Marketing) Yes there is a product of by means which is sold, for example, if you have a group of 200 people that generates a total of sales of products of 30,000 dollars a month, you will pay approx.

Currently SMEs (micro and small enterprises), not taking advantage of the benefits and advantages offered by e-commerce, many entrepreneurs still respond that they don’t believe need Internet, which is still not so popular, that they do not sell massive products and etc. The majority of entrepreneurs and micro Peruvian businessmen, unknown completely the potential use of this tool and what is derived from it, which is electronic commerce. Being a capital city, with more than 8 million inhabitants, and more than 2 million and a half of Internet users, most entrepreneurs, still not adapted your company to the world of virtual business, yet do not create virtual double of the company on the internet, web pages do not have, they do not develop newsletters to your customers, there is a policy to integrate into the globalized world, and make life easier for its customers local, regional and national, and why not also say international. According to Wiliian Nothdurft, author of the book globalising is: how to help small businesses in Europe to export the main barrier is within companies themselves, they are not in external markets. It is not the lack of competition, but the lack of knowledge, dedication and permanence. Doing business on the Internet or online as it is, it is different from doing business in the physical world, the dynamic is different, how to create markets, find customers, retain them, as well as the distribution of products and services. Now, the million dollar question is what benefits Internet to SMEs of lima and the Peru? Without a doubt the biggest benefit is the communication and information. The Internet is a tool of work; with the arrival of e-mail or electronic mail and instant messaging programs, employees and employers can send and receive documents via the Internet, streamlining processes and improving their workflow, by lowering the costs of phone, or conventional mail.


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To choose the right person, there should be a list of requirements that candidates must meet to receive the delegation. Again write, will help us clarify our thoughts and avoid ambiguities which then may cause unwanted effects. 4) Define evaluation guidelines: When a task comes out of our personal orbit, we must retain control over the performance of the same, with regular assessments of performance. These assessments should be known by the person receiving the delegation and even, it is advisable to participate in the definition of such patterns and evaluation of it. Take also into account, as quoted Diego Pinilla, that delegate may be useful or necessary, for various reasons. Because we have no knowledge, skills or experience necessary to take care of a task.

You can be programming work do not know either more creative tasks such as designing a website. Few people have the same great capabilities to program or to make stunning designs. Because we do not have time to do a job. It is better to entrust the execution of a person work with a client look bad because of undue delay. It is true that our economy may be adversely affected by ordering part of a project to a professional from outside, but just make sure we will succeed and that the customer will be satisfied. No doubt a satisfied customer can benefit in the long run and offset the financial outlay to pay for others to do a job.

Because so we can devote ourselves to more profitable things, or perhaps open another type of business to exploit in the future. Because, although we do a job, there is always someone who could do it faster, better and for less money. When delegating work, we must ensure that everything is clear from the beginning. That is, what the responsibilities of each, how much will be paid to each person, and so on. The person that delegates have to be properly informed of the needs of the project and provided with all necessary documentation for the work to the customer. He thinks that, just like when you receive a commission need to inform you that the client properly, the person who delegates will also need your help to do their part no doubt as quoted Pinilla, that delegating is good for everyone. For those who care tasks, because it offloads. For the professional on delegating certain area, because it can increase its workload and income. Also for the end customer because the job will be done with greater speed and reliability .. Delegation is empowering, allowing to take positions, to assume responsibilities, and to use your freedom in a productive way as Diego said.

The maximum which was recorded in the currency of 1.4711 and then fell and remained in the area of 1.4550 following minimum recorded in the area of 1.4490. There is still a low volume of operations in that pair, and the focus is embodied in the Euro and the Yen, making the GBP / USD being secondary. The EUR saw highs in the 1.3337 and the 1.3169 minimum; interested sovereign states were observed in the 1.3200 area. Aggressive traders could enter long in the 1.3200 area. USD / JPY 89.98 recorded highs in the 90.00 not reach where they were placed stops, and those who were short are starting to worry since they spent much time in the area of 89.00 without a strong decline towards 88.00. The pair recorded in the area minimum of 89.19. Aggressive traders could buy the pair for a short covering rally that could happen quickly.

In my view, the figure who inspired a technical appreciation of the dollar is failing inspire greater profits. In other words, I believe that yesterday’s gains in the greenback was his last attempt to gain ground, now, apparently begin a downtrend. Only time will tell if this area is a buffer to the dollar or not, but I think that the chart is overextended. It is estimated that the USD will go back in the remainder of the week Aggressive traders may sell dollars now. Resistance 3: 1.4850 Resistance 2: 1.4780 Resistance 1: 1.4700/10 New York: 1.4540 Support 1: 1.4470/80 Support 2: 1.4450 Support 3: 1.4400 Comments The pair remained firm after finding support at 1.4490 in the evening.

The couple could not stay in the area of 1.4500. The pound is under pressure, while operating volumes were low. Double action is expected. The pair is still trading in both directions and stronger, given the settlement-POUNDS EUROS. You can support is reached at 1.4500. Thursday: No publications Resistance 3: 1.3500/10 Resistance 2: 1.3450 Resistance 1: 1.3380 New York: 1.3212 Support 1: 1.3140 Support 2: 1.3080 Support 3: 1.3000/10 Comments The pair traded in both directions and kept the level of support yesterday, suggesting that it is forming the drop in the 1.3200 area. Sovereign states were observed in scene after the highs of last week, but now seem to be covered in a fall. Strong sales of euro and pound. Perhaps the correction low is near completion, so at this point, it would be advisable to purchase (point of purchase) this week. Technical levels around 1.3300 hold firm.

Sovereign states were seen intervening in the market. Thursday: All times EASTERN (-5 GMT) 2:00 a.m. EUR Final CPI m / m 5:00 a.m. EUR German CPI and / and 5:00 am EUR Core CPI y / y 7:45 a.m. EUR interest rates 8:30 a.m. EUR ECB’s Press Conference foreign currency trading (FOREX) involves the existence of losses due to the risk inherent in any transaction. It is likely that FOREX trading is not suitable for all investors. You should determine whether trading is suitable in your case and should take into account your circumstances, knowledge, and financial resources. You may lose all or more than your initial investment. The opinions, financial information or on markets, and recommendations are subject to change at any time. The information contained in this bulletin does not constitute or states that you should buy or sell through FOREX Core Financial Group Inc., and / or its affiliates, and should not be available to individuals in a jurisdiction where the making available of the above would be contrary to local regulations.

In the same way how to play chess, each move must allow the opening of new possibilities. Such is the case of the English learning, where you open the gates of knowledge, culture, development, relationships, promotions and job opportunities. An England English school can also open multiple opportunities in your country of origin and abroad, and a school of English abroad enhances your studies and adds value to your effort. Internet has become a source of information and critical knowledge, but most of the updated contents are in English. With security you find interesting documents related to your professional field of easy access for those who master the language.

Courses and English schools in Great Britain you are preparing so you can quickly read and dissect the relevant information from each information. And this will keep you updated. English is very useful for life and especially for your professional development and the open up employment opportunities, you then proclaim some of them: when you study abroad, find every day in the same place of study, both in the same school and in the surrounding areas job opportunities. For example, the be assistant teachers fear time, or translator and host of foreigners coming from your country of origin. You soon learn to unwrap you in reading documents, will be able in a vertiginous way access English documents newly emerged from the oven, and produced by experts in the field. This will allow you to discover details of the business in which you find yourself rather than others do. With security nowadays there are job opportunities for Hispanics but with English you multiply the job offers and opportunities for improving your quality of life. If you want that luck is not in simple random but you yourself attract, nothing better to start by the development and refinement of the English in Great Britain, cradle of knowledge and learning. Original author and source of the article

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The fact, that every minute of life that is given to us is uncertain, however, must be prepared for it, knowing leverage it intensely, not wasting our time, on the contrary, be attentive, awake in our actions, in our behavior, that much we know, as we are taking advantage of the opportunity that is us bequeathed, how much we have grown spiritually, we are also identified. Every minute we live intensely, because we don’t know if we’ll be tomorrow or perhaps in a few minutes we can happen something that not even we thought could occur, however, is can give and leave already belong to this plane. Therefore, it is important to nourish our spirit, let this is manifested with favorable actions in our growth, feel that what we do guarantee us, harmony, happiness, achievement towards our spirit that is the trascedcental. Specifically, we need to know to appreciate the opportunity that is given to us to act on this plane and perform actions that not only help us to be happy, to grow, but to collaborate with all those beings with whom in this transit we share roles and which can help them to grow, according to our behavior. Do not leave for tomorrow what you can perform today, nobody guarantees that you will be in that morning, so I passed the time that is given and pass to actions that help you grow. Buddhism reminds us that ida v and death occur in the cycle of samsara. And six conditions of existence are possible. Conditions divine, human and are considered demon good, while animal stocks, in the form of hellish creature and avid spirit are bad. Only the human condition, the best in the viewpoint of Buddhism, offers the possibility to move forward – or backward – with all knowledge of cause, being other so-called conditions retribution.I.e.

My life changed and made him forever, I started my own company and I found a business on the internet that gave me real emotional and financial freedom, I managed to win $ 50,000 in 10 months and my business continues to grow, my familial relationships greatly improved, now people believe in me, I could give testimony. Now speak with authority that the methods shown in this book if they work and if they did it with me also will do it with you, cheer up the price of change is something that is worthwhile, is like a vaccine, can be painful .but sometime happens fast, then you will enjoy true freedom, most people will tell you hold onto that twigopportunities are bald, it’s better old acquaintance new to know, others are worse, at least I have a job, the situation is difficult, to begin with it is necessary capital, you have to grab what comes out, etc. etc. etc. I tell them. pursue their dreams, do what you love, not give up ever, seek and you will find, touch and opens them, have faith and everything they may, the opportunities are there waiting for that you conquer them just enough that you decide it, not more delay things, this is the best day to start, remember coincidences do not exist and if you’ve heard this testimony is something and that something is in the deepest of your be you not agree with the life that has today, came the time to change it, you deserve happiness, prosperity, love and all that fills it with satisfaction.

Problem = economic CRISIS; Solutions = opportunities and growth in this work are named some business opportunities where the reader can find some solutions and alternatives to tackle unemployment. Data where the reader can find jobs is also appended. Employers also give to know their businesses, products and services, in a close and different way. The crisis affects everyone, men, women and children, but you can find solutions and even chaos Middle opportunities. . This e-book aims to explain to the reader in a simple way the economic episode that is affecting the entire planet, origins and consequences of the Financial Crisis as bruited.

They are released figures that not intended to alarm, but inform, in the same way it gives to understand how it was conceived and exploded this debacle economic with global consequences, and how to reach your understanding and assimilation. Emphasis is also given to how this crisis affects the health of people, psychologically and physically, how to react to the affections of children from this crisis. Demonstrates the approach that should be taken to face stress, uncertainty and fear, which causes this economic crisis with global dimensions. He is the issue of unemployment globally and are given to know some alternatives that people can choose to counteract this episode where not there is a circulation money for people or for the companies. The analyses demonstrate that Internet will not be affected by the crisis, is more there are millions of dollars that are being invested in Internet, each day that passes are more people that lead to this medium to find information and job offers. Main reason: competitiveness but the crisis is really a great opportunity, in the midst of this unfavorable scenario new business are gestating and are increasing the sales of others, as in the sales of some products that have risen they are appointed in this work.

No, CRI $ I$, Yes to opportunities peace Cartagena facebook join the crusade: No, to the Crisis. Yes, opportunities. Facebook. com/group. do php? gid = 65037608861 & ref = mf peace Cartagena, born in Chile, currently develops in the complex and attractive business world, helping savvy entrepreneurs and entrepreneurs to make birth, developing and maintaining a successful business through time. In the business area develops in the Marketing in all its forms, today is focused on Marketing 2. 0, dedicated to personal projects, information businesses and devoted to the Marketing of several Internet portals, managing strategies of positioning, SEO, conversion of visits to users and users clients, exploiting the Tools 2. 0, in the midst of the crisis that has to the business world as unsettled and pessimistic. Peace Cartagena Negociosarea Marketing related Blogs Australia: Boomers Leading the e-book Revolution ResourceShelf Video: The eBook Transition: Collaborations and Innovations Behind Conjunto of information and guidance OnLine to act who watches the watchmen Lamban financial markets relies on the installation of new companies to combat job offers Friday 03/19/10 sea of fog darkness attempted to re-establish his truth.? Pipes the economic crisis slows the sale of tickets for the world of Minister of labour Announces package of measures to combat the Minister Hinzpeter called on entrepreneurs to collaborate in the.

All what you want is available for you. To have it, to experience it in your life, you only must learn to see him. In a same room always each person in it, sees something different. The same word means something different for two people. What’s more, the same word means something if it comes from a certain person and up the opposite if it comes from someone else.

Everything you want, everything is ready for you. But before you have it you must learn to see him and to possess it. In the book the secret of the power of goals, Andrew Corentt, said that a person who recovers his sight even in adulthood, even taking their bodies in perfect condition is incapable of seeing the world that surrounds it (figures presented in this book show this). This, explains, occurs because to see something, before, a person must learn to see him. Everything that you see now, tells us the science & Corentt, is because you learned to see it. Abundance, beauty, good relationships, and everything else that people have in their life, what they enjoy because they learned to see it. Maybe someone taught from small or they learned if same with running of the time. You can learn to see anything they want and then to enjoy it in your life.

See the wealth requires the same effort which see poverty. Two people working forty hours per week, in the same job in the same company, in the same city, will have very different lives depending on what each of them learn to see. Doing the same thing, for the same number of hours, one will be enriched and the other will remain in its same State. Obtain wealth does not require more work, it requires a new vision of the world. To get rich you must learn to see the world in a better way. If you want to learn a powerful vision of the world I recommend the books of Andrew Corentt. His books I’m happy, I’m rich and the secret of the power of goals, are masterpieces that will transform their vision of the world. You will not only discover a new vision of the world, a vision more rich and pleasant, also You will learn powerful techniques that make everything that you want to materialize automatically in your life. A new way of living is possible. A rich, happy, joyful, full shape. This form will only occur when you change your view of the world. Do you want to learn this new vision of the world? See millions in their life?

Currently, SMEs (small and medium-sized enterprises) are trapped in the management of many documents and files, and also need to be as productive as possible with minimal cost. All documents and files are valuable information, provided that they can store and access them quickly and accurately. At this time, the company’s valuable information can be in the best of cases, be stored in folders or cabinets, or worse still in a labelled box (2007) perched on a shelf, or as existing files by the hard disk of the computer improperly tagged and with a very high seek time (hard to find). If you find that these cases are true for your business, then you need to contact a company’s document management. There are systems that are an alternative affordable and easy to use as document management systems, these allows you to scan and store all of their documents on paper in an electronic archive of documents with categories and a search engine lets you find your documents instantly. You may think, in your company have no time or staff to scan all paper documents.

But it is a mistake to think that it is a bad time or a cost, time is lost in search for lost documents (the typical phrase where I’ve left that document), here is where is actually wasted time and money. After a few seconds that it requires a modern management system documentary on scan a document, store and index it is less at the time that it takes to put the document in a folder from an archive. But the real benefit of a document management system is in the time that it takes to find a document, here is the advantage of the documentary archive systems and in addition you can view the exact document you’re looking for almost instantly. With the documentary archive and associated documents you can annotate, print or send the document by e-mail instantly. Today, many document management systems also offer: Collaboration, documents can be shared via the browser with other users in the company. Security in the access to documents audit records Version Control searches for the content from OCR (optical character recognition). Workflow or workflow processes associated with the document for collaboration between users. All these functions and others, make a system of document management in Office achieve greater productivity in the enterprise, and all this with a very affordable price.

The conclusion is that current situation has created a great need to reduce their costs and increase their productivity to keep his company afloat. It has never been a better or more crucial moment for putting this valuable technology to work for you. Less stress and greater productivity is an important return on any investment and the best strategy to follow. TBS Telecon Business Solutions we are expert consultants in adaptation of enterprise document management systems, to work with more than one document management solution adapt systems to your needs so that you get the right solution to your needs.

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