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Often, we do not have luck with the use, or because it is made request, or because it is constant source of suffering. Of anyone of the two ways, it is possible by means of the tarot free of Tarot Friend, to count on a tool that can help us to surpass these bad critical moments of effective way. Before facing a labor search, or when we must face an interview, without doubts one of the critical moments that more stress cause, the tarot free can indicate to us what we must do, in the sense that it will know to say to us how will come aspectada that interview that as much distresses to us. Will be interviewer one inverted Priestess, that is to say somebody that has an hidden intention? Or it will be Justice the one that waits to us, with the bandage in the eyes, the balance and the sword? The tarot free will give the track us that we needed. The World can be on our feet, or the Death can mean to us that a new stage is approached. The tarot free will indicate it to us.

And how we can help us same with the use of the tarot free when the things do not walk well in work that we have at the moment? The Tower can mean to us that it is probable that to that we lose it work, of way unexpected, and sudden, and that there will be nothing we pruned to practically do, because the decision already has been taken. The tarot free has noticed it to us. For this reason, no longer it can take us off guard. There are circumstances in that the tarot free will mean to us that the triumph will arrive at our lives, for example when the Car free leaves developing in the distance the tarot. In this opportunity, the success will arrive at your life you have looked for because it hard, and arrives like answer at your actions in this life or past lives. As you will realize, everything is related however, and the things do not happen because yes.

In many cases it is necessary to fail to prevail soon. What your you can consider perhaps as a failure today, becomes a victory tomorrow. The reality is that the facts of the life do not take place of a linear way, but conforming a confused plot of events, with very complex causalities and results. Obtaining to understand that we are only one piece in a complex game, it will help to understand our roll us in this world. The tarot free is the best weapon to plan your labor life. With clear words it will say to you when to take precautions extra, and when it is time to relax and to enjoy the honeys of the success.

While you have more, more possibilities of spending you also have and that the unique thing that does is to prosper to those with those who you have contact. Therefore to have is much to be generous; in fact enriquecerte is the action more altruistic than you can do by the society. When prospering you it prosperous society with you. Of what new forms you will choose to think for permitirte to prosper? *LA WEALTH IS OF THE UNIVERSE AND NOT US PERTENCE, BUT WE HIM PERTENECEMOS* Deepak Chopra STRATEGY 2: IT DEVELOPS YOUR INTERNAL VALUE Aplicativas tools: Your internal value is the Defincin that you have of same you and of your possibilities before the life. If somebody had Definirite whereupon Words more you would like she did that it? What definition of same you Abre Opportunities to you before the life? *SOMOS What PENSAMOS* Buddha What agrees to you to think that YOU ARE for obtaining what You wish? It agrees To develop your Internal Value to you To see the Opportunities that the Life offers to you and that perhaps today you do not see because your approach is determined by how you choose definirte.

How you choose definirte now for crearte opportunities to prosper? Suggestion of Answer: I choose to see me like creative, able and efficient, possessing a person of one of the MAS SOPHISTICATED PROCESSING SYSTEMS: My brain. Fruit of thousands of years of evolution and that is service 24 hours per day 365 days to the year and free! With allied resemblance how you could fail? Now YOU only need to be allied of you same also and you obtain that thinking it the best thing of you without conditions. What self-imposed condition prevents you to think the best thing of same you at any moment? *LA LIFE ABRE ITS POSSIBILITIES TO HIM TO WHICH IT CREATES THE SUFFICIENT THING IN ITSELF LIKE FOR BEING ABLE APROVECHARLAS* *LAS OPPORTUNITIES INCREASE AS APROVECHAN* Sun Tzu The life is your friend and is full of opportunities that you do not see when your approach is centered in verte like an impotent victim, who is same that to think about the Absence than you want.

Is looking for a new work or the one best one?It is looking for new opportunities to make money either profitable opportunities the more? It never remains without options in all the aspects of his life, or in their race, the pleasure, or even in the field of the relations. The opportunities to make things more lucrative and exciting they are in favor of all sides, hoping to that take advantage of you them. You can be one of those people who seem to have a stroke of luck after another one.But you do not have to wait for to that a blow d luck arrives at its life, you you must create it to accelerate the arrival of all that you wish. If you approach the opportunities, these only approached you and the other people they would ask because you seem to attract the good things like wealth, success, happiness, good relations, like a magnet. These are some advice exceeds how you can become in one of the richest people in terms of opportunities than they appear in its way: 1. Kind Mantngase to any opportunity.

The opportunities are to ours around. If you want that they come to his life, aid invites that them, mainly at the outset. Sometimes, not even it note, but its mind lets pass of side a great amount of excellent opportunities to obtain what you wish. It must train to his mind to take each opportunity that appears to him. Once its mind is accustomed to the idea of these opportunities, automatically it will look for new opportunities and it will give the welcome them when they appear. He is open to any opportunity that appears to him, always considers that the world is full of opportunities, independent of the fact that they are not the usual type of opportunities to which he is customary.

Today I want to share with you text of Albert Einstein that finds at the end of my reflection, I relate that it to the crisis that is living the world at the moment, although at the same time has to do with many crises that we lived on a daily basis in our lives. Somehow all we have participation in these social and personal crises and must look for the way to solve them and to journey them. They notice that this position grants to us to be able. From the victim position, we lived the circumstances like a divine punishment. We are in discord but we held what it touches to us, we remain in a zone of comfort and paralysis. Which is the benefit that we won of this position? The feeling us innocent, because we can " zafar" (to remove faults to us of above), because we culpabilizamos to something external (person, country, etc.). Which is the price that we paid from this position? The expectadores simple impotence and the being than it happens. We see the problem from outside while we felt that we cannot do nothing because we are convinced that the problem is outside, external! Some conversations that are listened to or think from this position are " I am I grasped " " The situation is every time worse and we cannot do nada" " Alive wishing, waiting for " (hopefully, would like, I hope I, desire) " The others are guilty " " I AM the RESULT THAN AFUERA&quot HAPPENS; Although often if we are victims than it happens, to remain endless in this pessimistic emotion what causes is that we settle in a constant mood of resignation without possibility some of change. " Respondemos" of reactive way, reacting to external stimuli, hoping that outside &quot passes something; mgico" that we change to our situation just to be able to do something.


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How much to the used methodology, we will follow the teachings of Jose de Assuno Barros, Ciro Flamarion Cardoso and Ronaldo Vainfas. According to first, the historical sources had left of being seen as a certification of its times to be considered a speech. That is, a serious analysis of a historical source must consider some questions: Who made; Why it made; For who it made; When it made; As it made. From this, we will have little possibility to fall in the trap to consider the sources as a faithful picture of the reality. Said this, we consider that the best form to explore a source historical, and this will be our mission in this work, following the metodolgica line of speech analysis, must attempt against for intratexto, intertexto and the context.

intratextual analysis if relates to the study of the source in itself. The intertextual analysis is the comparison of the source analyzed with sources of the same historical period. Already the context if relates to the study of the moment where the source was created and the interference that this way can have caused in this speech. Finally, all this work must be pautado in the idea of that a text, simultaneously, must be seen as one ' ' object of significao' ' one ' ' object of comunicao' '. Finally, we make ours the words of Ciro Flamarion Cardoso and of Ronaldo Vainfas when they affirm that we must ' ' to search the nexuses between the ideas contained in the speeches, the forms for which they express and the set of extraliteral determination that preside over the production, the circulation and the consumption of discursos' '. 14 Our work is divided in two chapters. The first one if destines to contextualizar our object, making the indispensable quarrels to understand what it was the Liberating National Alliance.

He remained active until the eves of falecer, in Macei, 27 of November of 1983. It was married Helena Quintela Brando Vilela, with who had seven children. Description Politician In 1948, filiou it Unio Democrtica Nacional (UDN), exerting the mandate between February of the following year and January of 1959. In 1960, he was elect lieutenant governor of Alagoas, in the plate of udenista general Lus Cavalcante, for the understood period of 1961-1966. In 1966, it was candidatou senator for National the Renovadora Alliance (ENCLOSURE FOR BULLFIGHTING), left of the situacionista base, assuming the chair in February of the following year. He was reeleito in the lawsuit of November of 1974, one of few arenistas that had obtained to be elect for the Senate when until then Movimento Brazilian Democrtico (MDB) obtained to choose sixteen senators and ENCLOSURE FOR BULLFIGHTING only six, an smashing victory of the opposition leading at that time the military government to create the figure of the binico senator. In day 25 of April of 1979, it left the ENCLOSURE FOR BULLFIGHTING and it entered oposicionista Party MDB and, later, if it filiou to the Party of Movimento Brazilian Democrtico (PMDB). When receiving, in September of 1979, the heading of Paulistano Citizen granted for the City council of So Paulo, explains its devotion for the freedom: ' ' Citizen of Viosa de Alagoas, of the outskirts of the Mountain range of the Two Brothers, one of the last redoubts of the War of the Palmares, living creature contemplating the image of Zumbi, I feel the routes of the dreams and the heat to it of the blood libertrio.' ' In 1980, with the end of the bipartisanism and the sprouting of diverse parties of opposition in Brazil, Teotnio preferred filiar it Party of the Brazilian Democratic Movement, the PMDB, considered the continuator of dead person MDB, becoming one of the most important names of the legend.

ARISTOTLE. (1978) Topics. Translation of Leonel Vallandro and Gerd Bornheim of the English version of W. the Pickard. So Paulo: Cultural April, (Col. The Thinkers). AWWA (American Water Works Association), 1990. Water Quality and Methods and Techniques of Water Treatment.

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In: Society, Environment and Health in Low-Income Countries (E. Norberg (2004, p.48) Manual of economy current politics. 15 ed. Revised and brought up to date by Galeno Lacerda. Rio De Janeiro. Forensic College student. MARX, K. & ENGELS, F. (1986) the German ideology. So Paulo: Hucitec. MENEZES, Luiz Carlos C. Consideraes on basic sanitation, public health and quality of life. Magazine Sanitary and Ambient Engineering, Rio De Janeiro, v.23, n.1, p.55-61, jan/sea. 1984. MOURA, R. urban and regional Planning: the current context. In: II scientific Day of geography. VII Week of Geography of the UEPG. Thick tip, 2000, Thick Tip. Bulletin of Summaries. Thick tip: UEPG, 2000. P. 31. PRIGOGINE, I.; STENGERS, I. the new alliance: metamorphosis of science. Brasilia: Ed (. University of Brasilia, 1986 apud REIGOTA, 1996). REALI, Anna Helena. Integrating the vision and behavior: an application of propositive reconstruction. In: BRAZILIAN CONGRESS OF AUTOMATIC So Paulo, (1998. Annals v. 1 P. 573-578). RIBEIRO, Nelson de Figueiredo. The geopolitical question of the Amaznia: of the diffuse sovereignty to the restricted sovereignty. Brasilia: Editions of the federal Senate, Vl. 64, 2005, p.371. RICHTER, C.; AZEVEDO, J.H. Water Treatment: Brought up to date technology. So Paulo: Edgard Blucher, 1995. SAINTS, Maurcio Pear tree. The water in Brazil. Curitiba: Brazil environment s/c, 2002. Available in. br. Access in 17 fev 2005, P. 19. SMITH, Adam. An inquiry on the nature and cause of the wealth of the nations. So Paulo: The Hemus limited publishing company, 1981, 515p. TUNDISI, Jose Galizia. Water in century XXI: facing the scarcity. They are Carlos: It rhymes, 2003, 248p. (2003). URBAN, Tereza. Who goes to speak for the land? In: NEUTZLING, Incio (org.). Water: public good universal. (They are Leopoldo: UNISINOS, 2004, p.97) VARGAS, M.C. (2005, p.20) the Business of the water. Risks and chances of the concessions of sanitation to the private initiative: studies of Brazilian southeastern case. So Paulo: Annablume. VIANNA, Solon Magalhes (orgs.). Economy of the Health: concepts Southern Cross AC.CEP: 69980-000. Email: 3 Jose Valderi F. of Souza is philosopher, Telogo and Pedagogo for the UFAC, and currently he is professor in the Institute Diocesan of Southern Cross, and Manager of> SEPROR-AM/Regional Juru.

Before 1991 the country whose territory was the largest the world had the name “The USSR.” That is what named the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics or Soviet Union, the second title was used because it was shorter. Then in 1917, was overthrown the tsarist regime and the socialist state was established. As the population of the USSR Needless to say that time all lived more or less, there was neither landowners nor capitalists and any kind of property. The average salary was around 120-150 rubles. Well in 1991 the Soviet state underwent significant changes. The separated republics of the Russian Federation due to be independent. As it turned out that the USSR was turned into UEI (the Union of Independent States) first and then was divided into the independent states (Moldova, Ukraine, Estonia Litva, etc.) Which are separated from the Russian Federation (the Federal Socialist Republic Russian Soviet time) in back.

Thus was formed the new state Russia (Russian Federation) which was first president Boris Yeltsin Nicolaevich. It was not socialist but capitalist state. Well, times have changed. “Well how the population now lives in Russia? In Russia today impeaching both the richest of all Russian people as the poorest. Well let’s see how they live the most humble and the richest. The population or Russian humblest n Anyone who lives in Russia knows that since 1992 is the most humble Russian population instead of living at home living in …

Street due to homelessness and has to sleep cartina green in summer when it’s hot and when it is cold (during the autumn season, winter, spring) sleep in some cellars of houses, stations and other places that could shelter from the cold and frozen precipitation. Perhaps you are asked: What is it? The truth is that a good part of this layer on the population just mentioned appeared to cause that those who were victims of a fraud that had been hidden behind supply and demand of real estate. So its time taking lazy to change the address for the better sell their rooms or homes. And I left those blank. For those who are called “Bomzh” which in Spanish means “He who is not domiciled.” The population of Russia’s richest. The living in Russia is aware that in that country live as the poorest and the richest. In the capital of Russia (Moscow) has focused most of the rich layer of the Russian population. Traffic jams on the roads Moscow continued over the working day show this fact. In the city of Moscow and neighborhoods are more humble residence layer of the population. Ie those with low-paid salary of whom are immigrants who are either from other Russian cities as the paicas the Near Abroad (for example, Uzbekistan, Tadzhikistan, etc …). But also are some areas in Moscow and suburbs where people live richer. The most notable region is named “Rublevka.” About the “Rublevka.” The colloquial name (or nickname) comes from the same location as this region is located next to the road Rublevsk (Rublevskoe Shosse “) which is west of the Russian capital. Over there the richest Russians living in Moscow and Russia is the Russian elite. For R ECENT is agreed that the standard of living in Russia is very diverse. As the quality of life of the richest is about hundred times higher than that of the humblest.

Mato Grosso

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This table is a service offered for the Foundation Institute of Pesquisas Econmicas (FIPE). it is an excellent way to discover the price of the model that you desire to acquire or then still to know if the values charged for determined concessionaire are right or abusive. A Fipe table provides the best businesses, either of purchase or sales. Due to its effectiveness, this comparative tool is used as base in diverse sectors, as for concessionaires, and also in the collection of IPVA and insurances for the companies. Its research of values is made in 24 States of Brazil, between them Mato Grosso, Rio Grande Do Sul, Santa Catarina, Cear, So Paulo, Bahia, Paran and Alagoas. To have access to the data of the Foundation is very simple and fast. First, you need to enter in the site of the Fipe. In the vestibule, you he will find many links interesting, as on notice, courses, research and others links to the economic subjects.

To know the Fipe table vehicles you need to clicar in ‘ ‘ ndice’ ‘ , item located in the top of the page. After this, click in ‘ ‘ Average price of Veculos’ ‘ , in the item that will appear in it I sing left of the screen. Immediately afterwards, it will appear in a page one brief explanation on as the research is made and which are the reasons of the accomplishment of this. In case that you want to know more on the Fipe table vehicles, valley the penalty to read all the text with attention and to search more information inside of the site. To continue the search for the values medium of each vehicle, choice enters the item below: stroll/utilitarian (if you desire to know the average price of the automobiles), motions or trucks and micron-bus. After to choose one of these options, they will go to appear in its screen columns so that you fill the spaces in accordance with the vehicle on which you desire to know. Filling the fields adequately as mark, model and year, the information of the chosen vehicle will appear in the page. The Foundation Institute of Economic Research on the basis of compels the information of the vehicles in the national market house Brazilian region and also in the characteristics of the vehicles.

Between these characteristics they are the color of the vehicle, marks, state of conservation, model, optional, accessory item that it possesss, among others. Determined vehicles they do not enter in the research made for the Fipe. Those automobiles, motions, trucks or micron-buses that possess treatment differentiated tributary are not part of the table, as vehicles of professional drivers, of work cooperatives or that they are of ownership of people who have some type of deficiency. The site of the Foundation is very easy of being handled, therefore it brings all the information of simple way in links. In case that you are interested in making a purchase or sales of some vehicle, have access the vestibule of the Fipe and know the values average of the national market. Of this form, you the endorsement in the hour of the negotiations will have all and will know will become well or not to close one definitive business.

American bubble will cause problems to the Brazilian economy. In the same way that great air accidents do not happen for an only cause, but yes for the succession of errors in cascade, several exist inside micron crises recessivos airs. Little production if translates little jobs indirect right-handers and this realimenta effect brake on the economy, pushing the level business-oriented for low. In well simple and coloquial way, without economs, it is this that happens, with aggravating an aggravating one is that the market lives of expectations, and expectations in a world of uncertainties mean: fear. With fear, all consumers, producers, investors, step on in the brake with much more force of what they would have, aggravating effect brake Yahoo! Babel Fish – Text Translation and Web Page Translation

L : This scene from there represents an abrupt fall and fortssima of the levels of economic activity that if keeps for a sufficiently long time, the image of,2 L ) Crisis with curve in V : This scene represents a fast fall and fortssima of the levels of economic activity, followed of an equally fast recovery (reversion of the bad expectations and fast sanitation of,3 the international credit)) Crisis with curve in U U business, to establish a strategical planning for each one of the scenes, leading in account that: ) The crisis is not the same one for all.

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